Ocoopa H01 No Fast-Charging Fashion Edition Rechargeable Hand Warmers 10000mAh Bold Color Lead Fashion - Sky Gray

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H01 No-Fast Charging Fashion Edition Rechargeable Hand Warmers 10000mAh Bold Color Lead Fashion


  • 10,000mAh Upgrade High Capacity Hand Warmer
  • Intelligent Heating Equipment: H01 has a handy temperature controls button and 3 temperature levels to keep your hands warm in winters. 
  • Superior Performance and Safety: Heater adopted Tesla the same power battery, along with multiple protection technologies, to keep your devices away from over-voltage, over-charging, over-current, and short circuits, etc. 
  • Extra Power Bank: Smaller and more portable than ordinary power banks.

2.Active Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer two years warranty


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