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What are the benefits of reusable hand warmers?

What are the benefits of reusable hand warmers?

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This year, everyone has clearly felt that the global climate is actually warming, and the melting rate of glaciers is also accelerating. It is imperative to further carry out environmental protection work. However, environmental protection cannot be achieved just by issuing a policy or issuing regulation. Only by the joint efforts of everyone can environmental protection have good results.

How serious is the global warming problem?

It is currently recognized that the main cause of sea level rise is the accelerated melting of glaciers and ice sheets. The ice sheets on the north and south scales of the earth are shrinking. Satellite images show an alarming gap between the current Arctic sea ice extent and 1979 levels, the Greenland Ice Shelf collapses due to rising temperatures, and Antarctic glaciers are shrinking. At the current rate of temperature rise, the Arctic Ocean will be free of sea ice in summer by 2050, according to a report by the UK Parliament's Environmental Affairs Audit Committee.

The effects of climate change are also reflected in changes in vegetation and terrestrial fauna, including flowering, earlier fruiting times, and changes in the range of wildlife. Ninety-five percent of cities in Africa and Asia face climate risk, with the fastest-expanding cities most at risk. These risks include significantly higher temperatures, increased and intensified climate extremes, and natural disasters.

 How to contribute to environmental protection in winter

The climate problem is already serious, what can we do for the planet?

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) offers several lifestyle choices that can help combat climate change:

1.Eat less meat, dairy products, cheese, butter, and more local aquatic products and fruits and vegetables to reduce waste;

2.Take more trains, buses, and fewer planes;

3.Have more video conferences and reduce business travel;

4.Improve the insulation protection of your own house and reduce heat loss;

5.Consciously choose low-carbon products when shopping

The harm to the environment of using disposable hand warmer

Many people turn on the heater when they need heating indoors in winter. When outdoors,many people may use disposable hand warmers, which are really convenient but very unfriendly to the environment, and it is not low carbon at all. Using disposable hand warmers not only increases the amount of plastic waste but also costs a lot of raw material resources.

Advantages of reusable hand warmer

In fact, there is now a reusable and rechargeable hand warmer on the market, which can be carried around and is environmentally friendly because of its reusable performance. We call on everyone to use reusable hand warmer cause it’s more environmentally friendly than disposable hand warmers. Reusable and rechargeable hand warmer has the following advantages:

1.No garbage and environmental friendly

The reusable hand warmers are made of premium aluminum and an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery. It's not disposable so it won't make any garbage.

2.Every charge can be used for a long time

You don't have to worry about it won't heat up after a while, the Ocoopa Hand Warmer is fully rechargeable, double-sided, and offers four different heat settings.

3.Fast heating

Some excellent reusable hand warmers can deliver comfortable warmth to you in a flash, like Ocoopa Union 5s. Moreover, the temperature memory function allows you to enjoy just the right warmth as soon as you turn on the device.

4.Easy to operate and safety

As long as it is used correctly, there will be no safety hazards. It sports all kinds of safety features such as an auto shut-off in the event of overheating or short-circuiting. Plus, they are shockproof, explosion-proof, radiation-free, and anti-scald.

Stopping global warming does require the joint efforts of all. Let us save energy and reduce emissions together, try our best to use environmentally friendly products to protect against cold and keep warm, and spend this cold winter happily and comfortably.


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