For over 7 years, we have been working hard to bring you warmth and companionship in cold winter. Meanwhile, we are grateful for having you along the way. As always, let's enjoy #OcoopaWarmWinter!
❤️To participate in the first activity of this project, share your story with Ocoopa winter products in the comments below.
🎉3 winners will be announced on 24th Nov. The other 3 winners on 9th Dec. (Total for all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and our official website community.)
🎁Every winner will get an Ocoopa UT2S rechargeable hand warmer as a Thanksgiving/ Christmas gift.
❤From now till 27th Jan 2023, we will collaborate with many warmhearted influencers to do giveaways and bring warm gifts to those who need them. Get involved by searching the hashtag #OcoopaWarmWinter on social media.😉