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What Can Bring You Warm In Cold Weather?

What Can Bring You Warm In Cold Weather?

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Hi, This is Alice from Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmers.  Ocoopa have been professionally selling rechargeable hand warmers on Amazon that exceeded 5 years. We sell 3 models rechargeable hands warmer now from different warm last hours. In September 2020 new model rechargeable hand warmer would go on the market, its Ocoopa fast charging H01PD 10000mAh rechargeable hand warmer.

Today we would like to discuss what can bring you warm in cold weather?  a lot of customers told us about their warm requests like "I have used a couple of different brands. They all say that they will heat 4-6 hours. In truth maybe 3 to 4 hours or The product should be a good size for women's hands also, some products can be too big and bulky for women with small hands,  or Hands aren't really what needs warming, it's the fingertips. I'm hoping to find something that directs the heat to the tips.

You can see that a lot of friends have warm requests, but sometimes they couldn't found the proper products to keeping warm and last a long time. We are trying to figure out those questions and make a more great rechargeable hand warmer for you.


Ocoopa have been devoted to developing best rechargeable hand warmers for about 5 years. Hope can bring the best products to all of you and solve all the cold problems you have met. so we recommend Ocoopa best-selling powerplus7800mAh rechargeable hand warmers recommended for you –winter and cold weather perfect assistant.

It is not that like the traditional hand warmer dangerous, heavy, lasting warm short. Rechargeable hand warmer gives you a long-lasting warmer, safe, compact. Not only could they be put to use in everyday use as in working outside but also could be put in somebody's emergency kit as a power bank. You can use it for keeping warm for about 5-10 hours.


In winter we can sell this model rechargeable hand warmer 1k pcs everday average on Amazon. Even in summer, 50pcs each day is also easy to get it. The Raynaud's Association is the largest USA organization of Raynaud's also recommend this great product to they Frosties. here is the reference link:  https://www.raynauds.org/2019/09/06/ocoopa-rechargeable-hand-warmers/


Ocoopa powerplus 7800mAh rechargeable hand warmer here is the product link: https://www.ocoopa.com/collections/best-hand-warmer/products/powerplus-rechargeable-hand-warmers. With it, you can easily go sports, go camping, or just lie on the bed lazy enjoy the warm and give you the content you have never been experienced. You will never miss the son's football game because you can warm sit on there until the game ends. You will never miss the best friends hang out party because you can easily go out, no matter how horrible the weather is. With the rechargeable hand warmer, as hold a small sun on your hands, every day is a good day.

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In Sep 2020 we are gonna launch two new fast charging 10000mAh totally developed By Ocoopa brands(No other brand model exceeds 10000mAh power and have fast charging function). Full charging one time only need be 3.5H, warm you the whole day. 10000mAh gives you the largest feeling of security and comfort. Fast charging save half time compared to the traditional rechargeable hand warmer, from 6 hours charge to only need 3.5 hours. Plus, added the Anti-fall function this year, you will never worry about it will break down. And offer accessories like quick charger cable, charger, and Lanyard, complete opening your warm trip.


If you want to try our new rechargeable hand warmer for free and can give your honest review to help us to improve rechargeable hand warmers. Please send a message to the Ocoopa Facebook inbox.


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