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Ocoopa ThermaWeight Heating Pad

Color: Lake green

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  • 8 Heating Settings
  • 6 Timing Model
  • 2hrs Auto-shifting

  • Larger Size
  • Safety Ensured

  • Soft and Cozy
  • Proven to last
  • Multiple reinforcements

Ocoopa ThermaWeight Heating Pad

Da $45.99
Weighted Heating Pad for Targeted Comfort: Our weighted design applies soothing pressure to your abdomen, legs, shoulders, arms, and back for deeper relaxation. With evenly distributed 3.2lbs glass beads, it stays in place for maximum comfort. The diamond grid pattern ensures even weight distribution.

8 Heat Levels & Quick Access: Choose from 8 heat settings to find your ideal temperature. Use the Quick Access feature to instantly switch to the 7th heat level by pressing the power button again after turning the device on. It's indicated by a blue LED light, providing heating flexibility.

6 Timer Options & Auto-Shift: Set your preferred auto-off time from 0.5 to 6 hours. After 2 hours of use, the pad automatically adjusts to level 4 for energy-saving and safety during nighttime use.

Premium Heating Technology: Our double-layer alloy heating coil and precise temperature control ensure your safety and comfort.

Soft & Machine Washable: The large pad is made of soft, durable material for your comfort. It's machine washable and includes a laundry bag for easy maintenance.



  • 12"X 24"
  • 17"X 33
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