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Warranty account

Why do I need to register a warranty account?

  • With a warranty account, you can conveniently check your warranty orders. Additionally, if you require warranty assistance, our customer service can quickly access your warranty information.
  • After purchasing multiple orders, you can easily register and inquire about orders through your warranty account.

Where can I find the serial number?

The serial number is located on the back of the activation warranty card inside the box, consisting of a series of digits, such as Z2246001.

Why is there a message indicating that my email is occupied?

This notification is because you have registered an account on ocoopa.com, subscribed to Ocoopa products, or made purchases on Ocoopa.
If you've registered an account on ocoopa.com, you can directly log in to your customer account and add warranty information.
If you've subscribed to Ocoopa or made purchases on ocoopa.com without having an account, you can register an account at https://www.ocoopa.com/account/login. Then, you can add warranty information to your customer account.

What should I do if I received an Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer as a gift and don't have an order number?

You can enter the serial number in the order number field (Note: The serial number is located on the back of the activation warranty card, such as Z22460010). Our customer service will verify the batch number.

How will my personal information be used in the warranty account?

We do not sell, trade, or transfer your personal information to external parties.

What should I do if I forget the login information for my warranty account?

Please send an email to support@ocoopa.com, and our customer service will send a password reset notification.

Are the warranty account and shopping accounts the same?

They are by default the same account, but you can use a different email to create a warranty account.

Can I cancel my warranty account?

Yes, you can. Simply send an email to support@ocoopa.com to inform our staff.

About Warranty:

Do I need to register a warranty account to enjoy a product warranty?

No, you can still enjoy Ocoopa's product warranty without registering a warranty account. However, having a warranty account provides the following benefits:
1. More efficient customer support, easier identification when contacting customer service, and more efficient and personalized assistance.
2. Worry-free protection: In case of any potential quality issues or safety concerns with products, we will notify you for recalls.

What is the warranty period?

Please refer to the warranty policy: https://www.ocoopa.com/pages/refund-policy

What is the process for warranty service?

When you require warranty service, please contact Ocoopa customer support. Our staff will guide you through the next steps.

Can the warranty be transferred to someone else?

No, it cannot be transferred. If you intend to gift an Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer to a friend, they need to register the warranty themselves.