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Business Cooperation

Before deciding to cooperate with Ocoopa, first understand what scenarios the Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer is suitable for!

Corporate Purchase

For under $30, whether you intend to prepare a beautiful and meaningful gift for your family, friends, or neighbors during Christmas or plan to provide a warm gesture to your employees in winter, the Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmer is undoubtedly one of the best choices. If you need more than 10 units, you can enjoy discounts and make your purchase directly through Ocoopa's corporate purchasing.

Be a Dealer

If you want to work with Ocoopa to make Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmers available to more people, whether you are a small store owner, the leader of an outdoor activity club, or you want to make a difference in the field of heated products Achievements, our business support department will strongly support your development.

Influencer Program

Ocoopa are looking for Influencer individuals who are willing to connect with our brand, as well as with our community. If you have more ideas and interests, you can get in touch with our brand marketing department.

Customized Services

If you want to achieve product differentiation, we can meet your specific requirements and personalized requests for the product, including adjusting product specifications, design, colors, functionality, and more.

Store manager’s exclamation

We are experiencing an unprecedented craze in our store! A group of enthusiastic consumers poured into the store and showed extremely high interest in Ocoopa hand warmers, so much so that our samples were eventually sold out. This is not only a rare event, but also a clear proof of the market demand for Ocoopa hand warmers. At this moment, we deeply feel the enthusiasm of the market and the desire for products.