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Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers Help For Raynaud's

Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers Help For Raynaud's

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1. Get to know Raynaud's Symptoms

According to an epidemiological survey, about 3-5% of the population will have a "Raynaud's phenomenon". Typical Raynaud's phenomena occur in cold condition (such as cold currents, entering air-conditioned rooms, and taking things from the refrigerator) or emotional excitement and increased stress When the finger or toe arteries contract and spasm, the color of the extremities appears pale, or changes from pale to purple, usually lasting 15-20 minutes. When the blood vessels recirculate and congestion, flushing will appear. Generally, the upper limbs are more serious. Symptoms of the middle or ring finger first appear, and then spread symmetrically to other fingers. Occasionally, it can also occur in the lower limbs, ears, nose, tongue, and nipples, and even affect internal organs.


As Raynaud's symptoms are mainly caused by vasoconstriction and spasm, all relevant symptoms will be relieved as long as the temperature is warmed,Or use finger warmers, especially in subtropical regions such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Due to the cold temperature will not be too long, patients with Raynaud's Symptoms are ignored because of rising temperatures and remission of symptoms. The appearance of "Raynaud's Symptoms" is actually a warning message from the body, reminding us to make good lifestyle adjustments.

2. Who is easy to get Raynaud's phenomenon?

Clinically, Raynaud's phenomenon is divided into primary and secondary; primary Raynaud's phenomenon usually does not find a potential cause, also known as primary Raynaud's syndrome or Raynaud's disease ), The prognosis is good, 15 to 30-year-old female is the target of hair. Secondary Raynaud's phenomenon has a poor prognosis, and severe cases can even cause complication of fingertip ulcers or gangrene, usually accompanied by other diseases, including:

  • The most common are systemic autoimmune diseases (such as scleroderma, Lupus erythematosus, Sylosis, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, mixed connective tissue disease, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Vascular obstructive disease.
  • Blood disease.
  • Drugs.
  • Occupational factors (those who often use handheld vibration tools).
  • Frostbite and so on.
When the following characteristics appear, it is necessary to deeply investigate the underlying cause. If there is a suspected Raynaud's phenomenon, you should turn to a specialist who specializes in rheumatism to make a clear diagnosis and provide effective treatment through comprehensive analysis. It is often a key symptom in the diagnosis of life-threatening systemic autoimmune diseases!
  • 40 years old or older.
  • Asymmetric attack.
  • Severe pain accompanied by skin ulcers and extremity ischemia above the metacarpophalangeal (toe) joint.
  • Signs of complications
  • Laboratory tests for signs of vascular disease or autoimmune disease.


3. what are the injuries to Raynaud's disease?

The human body caused by secondary Raynaud's disease, in addition to causing discoloration of the fingers and toes, can cause the skin of the fingers and toes to fester or harden in severe cases due to insufficient blood supply. There are some potential causes, which are more likely to cause severe constriction and obstruction of larger blood vessels, which can lead to skeletal necrosis or increased pulmonary artery pressure. Hip pain, constant movement, and even breathing difficulties can be life-threatening. Therefore, when Raynaud's phenomenon occurs, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


4. How to take care of yourself when there is Raynaud's phenomenon?

Raynaud's syndrome and anemia are not closely related, mainly due to vasoconstriction and spasm. Some traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions that promote blood circulation, such as cinnamon sticks, ginger, etc.,may be helpful for clinical symptoms. In order to achieve safe and effective improvement results, primary Raynaud's disease is not strictly a disease, but a clinical phenomenon. Through this clinical phenomenon, it is implied that patients need special maintenance, unless the symptoms after special maintenance, Deterioration is still needed before treatment with prescription drugs is needed.

The principles and methods of general prevention include:

  • Keep warm and avoid exposure to cold air to avoid blood vessel contraction. Warm utensils such as gloves, coats, warmers, heat packs, etc. can be spared.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking may exacerbate the clinical symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome. It is strongly recommended that patients quit smoking.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Avoid the use of vasoconstrictors.
  • Full sleep and mental relaxation.
  • According to a German research report, soaking hot water in hands and feet can effectively reduce the incidence of Raynaud's disease. It is generally recommended that hot water (35 degrees Celsius) for 5 minutes every four hours during regular attacks is effective. Reduce the onset rate.
  • A medical research found that 240-360 mg of 24% Ginkgo biloba extract can effectively improve the clinical symptoms of Raynaud's disease, but for patients with "continuous" Raynaud's disease combined with other conditions, taking any care products Before, it is best to consult with the attending physician of the existing disease. In addition, 2000mg of natural deep-sea fish oil and 3000mg of evening primrose oil (or 2000mg of borage seed oil), 400IU of vitamin E and 350-500 mg of vitamin C per day It has been proved to be helpful for the improvement of primary Raynaud's syndrome, and it is also a good maintenance choice in daily maintenance.
  • If necessary, the doctor will prescribe medicines for vasodilation. Please take them on time and follow up regularly in the clinic.


5. Raynaud's syndrome is not a serious disease

If the patient is negligent, unmaintained and untreated, in the severe winter, the last hypoxic tissue will cause necrosis, ulcers, and even ulceration and inflammation, and some nearby tissues, such as bones, skin, etc., may be necrotic due to hypoxia, causing severe bone soreness, and even serious consequences such as being unable to walk.


6. What are the best hand warmers of helping for Raynaud's disease?

OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmers are proud of a sponsor of Raynaud's association, OCOOPA will continue to devote to make rechargeable hand warmers which help Raynaud's suffering. you can use it as a hand warmer and power bank.

A lot of clients who suffer from Raynaud's thankful for OCOOPA did. OCOOPA hopes we can help more people who suffer from Raynaud's disease!


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