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How to Recharge Your Rechargeable Hand Warmer?

How to Recharge Your Rechargeable Hand Warmer?

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Now that the cold weather has arrived, it's time to break out your rechargeable hand warmer! These nifty devices are perfect for keeping your hands warm while you're outdoors in the winter. But how do you recharge them?

In this post, we'll show you how to recharge your rechargeable hand warmer in just a few easy steps. Keep reading for all the details!


What Is a Rechargeable Hand Warmer?

Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer is a battery-operated device that heats up to keep your hands warm. They are perfect for those cold winter days when you're out playing in the snow or going for a walk.

As you can see, Ocoopa's rechargeable hand warmers are no longer chemical heaters. The battery in Ocoopa's hand warmers is a lithium battery and it has many advantages such as long cycle life, good safety features, and low self-discharge (one charge, longer storage).

Also, as the Ocoopa hand warmer is a lithium battery product, it can face some battery problems.


How to protect your hand warmer batteries?

Firstly, when charging your Ocoopa hand warmer in the cold winter months, please ensure that you do not exceed the charging time of the hand warmer for too long.
This is because lithium batteries are not resistant to overcharging and prolonged charging can damage the battery and reduce its life.
If you are not sure of the charging time for your hand warmer, you can download the corresponding instructions here:

Secondly, make sure you charge your hand warmer even in warm weather, as lithium batteries also do not tolerate over-discharge and if they are left uncharged for a long period, too many lithium ions can be de-embedded in the electrodes, causing the lattice to collapse and thus shortening their life. We recommend charging the hand warmer every 1-2 months in warm weather. (Ocoopa hand warmers can also be used as a mobile power source during the summer months)

Others tips:

- Store your hand warmer in a cool, dry place when not in use.

- Make sure the charging port is clean and free of debris before charging.

- Do not leave the hand warmer plugged in when in use.

How to Recharge Your Rechargeable Hand Warmer?

Please use the cable supplied and use a suitable adapter. For normal charging speed hand warmers, we recommend using a 10W adapter, for fast charging versions we recommend using a 15W or 18W adapter, which will protect your battery better.

If your model is the H01 version of the hand warmer, you will also need to find out which connector is for fast charging and which is for normal charging speed. If you are not sure, please check your instructions for use.

Then all you need is.

#1. a rechargeable hand warmer at the ready
#2. a rechargeable device (if you lose it, you can find it in a shop)
#3. connect the rechargeable hand warmer to the socket by using the charging unit.

If you experience any problems with charging, troubleshoot before contacting customer service and feel free to contact us if your hand warmer is still not charging.


Hello I have 2 Ocoopa hand warmers. My original one works absolutely fine. The new one I bought this year says it’s charged ( I charge overnight) but after 2 hours on low it’s turns off. I switch it back on and it lasts for 5 minutes then goes off although it’s saying it still has charge left.
I absolutely rely on these for my severe Raynauds on both hands and need some help.

Thank you Jane

Jane Dobson,

I bought my hand warmer at Xmas last year however on taking it out today to recharge for winter the torch does not turn on. What is wrong? I am pressing the sides.

Cathryn Spratling,

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