If you are a wholesaler, distributor and retailer you'd love to deal with ocoopa brand products like rechargeable hand warmer, beach towel, beach blanket, beach tent, beach umbrella, desk fan.

We can do Personalized customization, OEM, and custom gifts and bulk orders offline, we will try our best to provide the best products and services for you.
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1. Boost sales, we made 1.54 million sales on 2020 on Amazon platform. And it's still a super potential market on rechargeable hand warmer catalog. You can also get a big profit since we only sell in the Amazon platform now.
2. High-quality and self-developed hand warmer and already been verified on the Amazon market. Unique design and pattern.
3. Best value rechargeable hand warmer compared to Zippo.
Ocoopa is a brand selling rechargeable hand warmer for more than five years. And we have been No.1 brand of rechargeable hand warmer catalog. We hoping to have chances to corporating with more distributors. 
How does this sound to you?
Our official website is: https://www.ocoopa.com/

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