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How to use bulk hand warmers safely?

How to use bulk hand warmers safely?

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The temperature in winter is not very friendly to the elderly, girls or people with cardiovascular diseases, especially those who are prone to cold hands and feet. Still can't resist the low temperature. Even though drinking hot water and wearing a down jacket, there is still a sense of coolness running through the whole body. In winter or when the temperature is low, the cold air is still lingering in the room, so cold that you can even tremble when you type at work...

Even if you sleep and hide under the quilt, you can still feel the biting cold. Rechargeable hand warmers, disposable bulk hand warmers, electric heaters and other warm winter artifacts have rescued many elderly and people who are afraid of cold. One of the most popular thing is bulk hand warmer. Although providing us with warmth, bulk hand warmers also have some safety hazards, so how to use it safely?

The reaction principle of the bulk hand warmer is to use the primary battery to speed up the oxidation reaction and convert chemical energy into heat energy. In order to make the temperature last longer, the product uses the mineral material vermiculite for insulation. Because the product cannot react before use, the material of the bag must be very special, consisting of a raw material layer, a gelatin layer and a non-woven bag. The non-woven bag is made of microporous breathable film. It also has to have a regular airtight outer bag - the gelatin layer.

When in use, the outer bag is removed, and the inner bag (non-woven bag) is exposed to the air, and the oxygen in the air enters the inside through the breathable membrane. The time and temperature of heat release are controlled by the oxygen transmission rate of the breathable membrane. If the oxygen permeability is too fast, the heat will be released at once, and the skin may be burned. If the oxygen permeability is too slow, there will be no temperature. After use, it is a dark brown solid, which contains carbon powder, NaCl solid, Fe2O3 solid and salts containing magnesium and aluminum.These warmers are designed for one-time use and then disposed of in regular garbage.Only allow up to few hours for hand warmers to heat up fully.

So how to use those bulk hand warmers safely? Here are some tips for you.

  1. Do not use bulk hand warmers while using other heating appliances. Do not use bulk hand warmers next to your body while sleeping.
  2. Avoid using it on the same part of the body for a long time, and pay attention to observe the skin condition at any time to prevent the local temperature from being too high and causing low-temperature burns. (Low temperature burn "Low temperature burn" refers to the burn caused by the heat source acting on the local part of the human body for too long at a temperature of about 50 ℃, and the heat energy slowly penetrates into the soft tissue. Symptoms such as erythema and blisters caused by unfounded perception. The low temperature here refers to relatively low temperature, not the low temperature of a few degrees below zero. Theoretically, any temperature higher than the human body may cause low temperature scald)
  3. People with diabetes and blood circulation disorders, and those with low skin heat sensitivity, please be extra careful when using it. Because the nerve endings of the above-mentioned people are sluggish, it is not suitable to use warm patches to keep warm.
  4. Children, the elderly, and those who cannot take care of themselves should be used under special care.
  5. Bulk hand warmers can only be used for external use. Do not tear the inner bag when using it to prevent the leakage of the heating material in the inner bag and prevent the materials in the inner bag from entering the eyes or mouth. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention. Induce vomiting and seek medical attention immediately after ingestion.

Many people will buy a large number of disposable bulk hand warmers in winter, and sometimes it will cause a large shortage of goods in the market. However, disposable hand warmers have to be discarded as soon as they are used up, which is not environment- friendly and not safe.

It is recommended that in addition to turning on the electric heater, you can consider choosing a USB-charged hand warmer, also known as an electronic rechargeable hand warmers, to replace the disposable bulk hand warmers. And you have an excellent choice now ---- Ocoopa Union 5s . It has a super fast 3 second heat time, and with the replaceable cores never have cold hands again.It is a help for those who always have frozen hands in the winter. Not just for a rechargeable hand warmer, it can be adjusted to four different temperatures. Obviously, at the low temperature, it stays on many hours longer. 

With exclusively designed single/double-sided heating mode,this hand warm would pefect fits in pockets when single-side is hot, warms both hands when heat on both sides. Besides, the run time is more than enough , so it's easy to warm my hand for your long trip in the winter.

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