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User Manual

1. Cleaning

Wipe product with soft and clean cloth. Do not use alcohol, thinner, gasoline or cleanser.

2. Maintenance

All batteries lose energy from self-discharge over time. When the Hand Warmer is not in use, we recommend that the battery is charged at least every three months.

How to prolong battery life?

To prolong lithium-ion batteries, keep it charged at all times.

Avoid fully depleting the battery or leaving the battery in a fully discharged state.

If you only use the hand warmer in the winter season, be sure to put a reminder on your calendar to charge the warmer every month or two to maintain the battery’s health and ensure it is ready to go when cold temperatures return. 

3. Ocoopa hand warmer instructions

1.Model: ‎UT2s

Battery capacity: 5000mAh*2

Recommend charger: 5 volt certifled charger or Ocoopa charger

Charging time: ‎4 hours

Input: 5V, 2A

Output: 5V,2A

Dimension: ‎3.66 x 2.64 x 1.14 inches

Weight: ‎226 Grams

Heat level: 4 levels, up to136°F

2.Model: ZLS-118S

Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Recommend charger: 5 volt certifled charger or Ocoopa charger

Charging time: 2-3hours

Input: 5V, 2A

Output: 5V,2A

Dimension: 10.4*5.3*2.9cm

Weight: 132g

Heat level: 3 levels, 95°F-131°F

3.Model: OC-H01PD

Battery capacity: 10000mAh

Recommend charger: 9 volt certifled charger or Ocoopa charger

Charging time: 3-4 hours with PD charger

Input: 9V, 2A

Output:  Type-C:5V/ 2A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/ 1.5A

USB-A: 5V/2A, 5V/4.5A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/ 1.5A

Dimension: 11.7*6.1*3.1cm

Weight: 165g

Heat level: 3 levels, 95°F-131°F

4.Model: OC-H01

Battery capacity: 10000mAh

Recommend charger: 5 volt certifled charger or Ocoopa charger

Charging time: 7-8 hours with PD charger

Input: 5V, 2A

Output:  5V, 2A

Dimension: 11.7*6.1*3.1cm

Weight: 165g

Heat level: 3 levels, 95°F-131°F


4. How to use ocoopa hand warmer?

eg. Problem - Possible Cause-Treatment

Not heating - Low Capacity - Charge

Power Button doesnt respond - Unit is charging - Stop charge or wait till charge complete(all lights on)

Power Button doesnt respond - Power Button is broken - Contact our support team

Hand Warmer's usage time is shorter - Unit not fully charged - Charge till full

Hand Warmer's usage time is shorter - Reached batteries's lifespan.Batteris capacity reduces slightly with each charge - Contat support@ocoopa.com

Hand Warmer's usage time is shorter - Low ambient temperature - Wrap the Hand Warmer with cloth to slow down the heat dissipation

Long charging time - External temperature too high or too low - Charge where ambient temperatures is between 32°F~104°F

Can not charge(lights do not blink) - USB cable not inserted firmly - Check both ends for secure connection

Can not charge(lights do not blink) - Not standard power supply - Use recommended charger

Can not charge(lights do not blink) - Charging cable is broken - Try a different cable

Can not charge(lights do not blink) - The connectoris is broken - Contact support@ocoopa.com

Mobile device does not charge - Unstable connection - Try another cable

Mobile device does not charge - Using the wrong USB port - Connect to the USB output port instead of input port

5. What is Raynaud's?

Raynaud’s phenomenon is an autoimmune condition affecting 5 to 10% of all Americans, 20% of all women in their childbearing years. During attacks small blood vessels of fingers and toes constrict when trigged by cold or stress – resulting in numbness, tingling and pain. Until there are better treatments, are a cure, physicians urge their Raynaud’s patients to minimize exposure to cold.

6. Active your Ocoopa order Warranty

How to Active your hand warmer warranty?

Visit our website: https://www.ocoopa.com/pages/warranty-registration .

7. Recharging Hand Warmer

The rechargeable hand warmer MUST be fully charged before using the first time.

Connect the provided charging cable into your hand warmer and connect it to a suitable charging device or certified power supply.

Blue indicator lights will blink to show the power level while charging:

3 lights indicate a full charge

1 light indicates a low charge

Disconnect cable when charging is completed.

# Avoid using USB charger higher than 5 volt for model 118S, A8.

# Avoid using the heat function while charging.

8. Hand warmer Operating Instructions

When powered OFF
In OFF mode, press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds to turn on warmer. The hand warmer will power on in LOW temperature setting.

When powered ON
Red lights will continuously indicate power status.

Temperature mode
1.Each press of the Power Button will increase the temperature setting one level.
2.Press the Power Button once after the HIGH heat setting to return to LOW setting. Repeatedly press it to cycle to desired setting(s).

Remaining battery level

Double-press the Power Button to show the remaining battery of the Hand Warmer.

9. Charging a Mobile Device

Connect the USB plug of the appropriate mobile device charging cable (not included) into the USB port of the hand warmer(Connect firstly with the USB C convertor to the Hand Warmer for the model 118s). The mobile device should begin to charge automatically. The BLUE Hand Warmer light(s) will illuminate indicating power status.

NOTE: While charging a mobile device, the heat functions are disabled to prevent overheating. Remove the device to allow heat functions to resume.

10. Caution

Do not use warmer in high moisture environments, such as bathroom.Do not place in oven; keep away from heat sources.Keep away from reach of young children. Keep close supervision when used by child.Do not forget to TURN OFF the Hand Warmer when it’s not being used.IMPORTANT: Use only with the recommended or certified Power Supply.Avoid low-temperature burnDo not place warmer on one specific area for too long. Stop using immediately if you sense something unusual. Do not use while sleeping.

User Manual Download

Ocoopa 118s

User Manual Download

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Ocoopa 118D

User Manual Download

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Others: Download

Ocoopa H01

User Manual Download

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Others: Download

Ocoopa H01 PD PRO

User Manual Download

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Others: Download

Ocoopa UT2s

User Manual Download

Ocoopa U5s

User Manual Download

Ocoopa UT3 Pro

User Manual Download

EN: Download

Ocoopa UT3 Lite

User Manual Download

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Ocoopa UT2s Mini

User Manual Download

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Ocoopa Hotpal PD

User Manual Download

EN: Download

Ocoopa Heatcube

User Manual Download

EN: Download

Ocoopa A8

User Manual Download

EN: Download

Ocoopa A9

User Manual Download

EN: Download
Others: Download


1. Charging Questions

Q1: What is PD charger?

It is a fast charging device. It provides higher output voltage up to 9V and current up to 2A for quick-charge-enabled hand warmers like H01PD, A9PD, or phone like iPhone XS. If you do not have a PD charger, you can have a try OCOOPA PD charger: OCOOPA Quick Charge 3.0 Adapter

Q2: What is the function of the hand warmer three charging ports.

The three interfaces are type C, USB A and micro, the USB A interface is used for output, it can charge your phone, the type C and micro interfaces  is used for input, it can charge the hand warmer.

Q3: Never charges fully or cannot charge (only one LED bulb lighting up on the LED indicator).

① The model of the charger is not compatible with our hand warmer. (Samsung’s chargers often have this issue. If this is the case, please switch to any other charger with 1.5-2A input power.)

② Charging cable has loose contacts, please try to change the charging cable. If the problem still exists after the above operations, please contact us via our email:support@ocoopa,com

Q4: Is the voltage for a regular plug in the U.S. OK for charging? (seems the brochure references inconsistent info on this)

In the United States, the voltage of a normal plug can be charged. If your hand warmer cannot be charged, please contact us again or send an email to our official website. We will help you.

Q5: Can I use the same plug I use to charge my cell phone?

It depends on the specifications of your cell phone charger. Generally speaking, the 5V 2A charger can charge all models of our hand warmers. If your hand warmer is a quick-charge version, like A9 ,H01PD, you can also charge your hand warmer with the 9V 2A charger, it will charge faster.

Q6: Why won’t the hand warmer work after I see the 3 dots from charging it? (They leave it plugged in trying to turn it on)

There may be two reasons for this, the wrong way of use or defective hand warmer. If you fully charged your hand warmer (double click the button to show three blue lights)and press the button for about five seconds, the hand warmer does not light a fixed red light and gets hot, then you should receive a defective unit, please contact our official website, we will replace it for you.

Q7: Why it shows 1 green light when charging?

If it shows 1 green light, it is on fast charging mode. And it will shows 3 blue light after full charge.

Q8: Why does the third blue light keep flashing no matter how long hand warmer is charged?

The third blue light will keep flashing, even when fully charged, and will not turn solid state,the blue light will automatically go off when fully charged.You can double click the button, the three blue lights on means the hand warmer is fully charged.

Q9: Hand warmer No Charger Cord?

Find the charging cord underneath the cardboard beneath the handwarmer in the box. if really cant find the charger cord, please write email to support@ocoopa.com.

2. Use Questions

Q1: Is hand warmer having flashing red then blue lights when switched on?

If blinks blue and red light,you have to recharge it ASAP.

If not, please contact our service support team.

Q2: How long do rechargeable hand warmer last?

Due to different battery power.

5200mAh: 2-3 hours charging can support 4-6 hours.

7800mAh: 4-5 hours charging can support 8-12 hours.

9000mAh: 3-4 hours with PD charger charging can support 8-13hours.

10000mAh: 7-8 hours charging can support 8-15 hours.

Q3: My hand warmer cannot heat up continuously, the temperature varies between cold and warm.

Our hand warmer has a Temperature-Control& Variable Frequency function. When the hand warmer reaches 131°F, it will stop working. Then, when the temperature goes down to 118°F, it will start working again. Unstable heating of the product is usually caused by an extremely cold environment or using your icy hand to touch our product.

Q4: Hand warmer too hot on level 1.

We have upgraded the heat setting this year and enhanced the power as we received lots of feedback saying the hand warmer is not hot enough for outdoor sports. So it may be hot when we use it indoor or when it's cold, so we suggest to use it with the portable pouch when it's not cold yet. And we think you can still try it in the next few months when it's getting colder. If you are always not satisfied with the item, you can contact our support team for a refund or replacement.

Q5: Hand warmer Not charging after a long time no use.

In your case, the battery is desactived after long time no use, so I suggest you to leave it charged for 10 hours and check the indicator lights.
Please contact our support team if it does not work properly after these steps. We'll send you a replacement or refund you order amount.

Q6: Battery life has shortened since first purchasing it.

The following  incorrect uses will shorten the battery life and use time.

① Use the product before the battery is fully charged.

② Charging after fifirst receiving the hand warmer without advanced discharging. In order to protect the battery life, please charge the product to the full capacity when empty

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