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How To Tell If A Rechargeable Hand Warmer Is Dangerous?

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Have you used the rechargeable hand warmer? , Portable rechargeable hand warmer, also known as USB hand warmer, has not yet formed a unified name in the market. This is a new type of electronic product that is powered by batteries and continuously transfers heat to the outside. The heating temperature is in the range of 45°C to 65°C, and the continuous heating time is generally more than 4 hours. It is very popular with consumers because of its portability.

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At present, the quality of hand warmers sold on the market is uneven, and they have not been widely promoted. Many manufacturers have not paid attention to the safety of rechargeable hand warmers, and the technical threshold is low, so pay attention to avoid possible harm The incident happened!

The rechargeable hand warmer is similar in structure to the mobile power supply, and is composed of a shell, an electronic circuit, a battery, and a heater. Lithium-ion batteries (also known as "lithium batteries") commonly used in the manufacture of mobile power sources are also used in such products as core energy supply components.

Typical structure of rechargeable hand warmers
Compared with the thermal storage hand warmer, although the portable rechargeable hand warmer does not have dangerous characteristics such as high-temperature liquid splashing, but because of its longer working time, it may still cause burns when used carelessly.

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Compared with the mobile power supply, although the rechargeable hand warmers are usually smaller in size and lower in capacity for lightness and portability, the internal heating plate will make the lithium ion battery work in a high temperature environment for a long time, coupled with a smaller internal space and a certain degree of If there are defects in the protection and control circuit design of the product, and the use of shell materials that cannot block the combustion source, it is likely to cause a fire when abnormal conditions such as temperature rise out of control or short circuit overcharge occur.

So when buying such products, Please dont not only care about the low price and cute appearance. Whether they can be used safely is the top priority.

Shopping tips:
1. Check whether the product manual, certificate, warranty card and accessories are complete.

2. Check trademarks and nameplates, and select products marked with regular manufacturers and registered trademarks. Products lacking information will not be purchased, and the identification of the product input and output ports (charge and discharge ports) is clear and accurate, and the rated input and output voltage and current values ​​are fully identified. , The rated capacity value is clearly marked.

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3. It should be noted that the battery capacity of the product is not equal to its effective output capacity, that is, you should not only look at the capacity information such as 10000mAh, which is separately marked on the product, but check the rated capacity value in the specifications. This is the actual The output capacity.

4. Consumers should not blindly pursue low prices and good looks when buying, but should measure their own needs and product brand, word-of-mouth information, and remember to ask for invoices after purchasing goods to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

5. Check the production date of the product and try to choose the rechargeable hand warmer product produced within one year. If the production date is too long, the capacity of the battery will be attenuated, which will affect the experience of the product.

6. Try to avoid causing the product to fall during use. Once the temperature is found to be significantly higher than the use temperature (45°C~65°C), immediately stop using it and place it on an open ground far away from people.

7. Buy some hand warmers from big brands, for example like Ocoopa hand warmer, zippo hand warmer, hothands warmer. Also remember to check the product reviews on the product page. The hand warmers of our Ocoopa hand warmer have more than 50,000 reviews, and more than 45000 customers give postive feedback on our Amazon page.

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