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Melt As Ice Cream? Ocoopa USB Desk Fan Introduction

Melt As Ice Cream? Ocoopa USB Desk Fan Introduction

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Ocoopa USB desk fan

Ocoopa has launched several new USB desk fan in 2020 summertime, please allow me introducing their respective features and functions, and hope to help customers to choose what desk fan they need.


F02 Oscillating USB desk fan

This is the first desk fan model launched in 2019. It has a 4000mAh battery, rechargeable, hand-held, and can work for 13 hours.  Has on and off two buttons. It can also be used as a night light and more suitable used at the bedside and children's room.  Available in silver and brown colors. F02 Oscillating fan sells in the UK, Japan Amazon market. 

usb desk fan


  • Easy to store, portable convenient to move.
  • Rechargeable USB Desk Fan, Standard Micro-USB charging port
  • Long-lasting working time-13 hours
  • Super quiet and no noise
  • Better air recycling up and down 120 degrees adjustable
  • Side night light, two switch button


F03 Small USB desk fan

F03 is the smallest of all desk fan among Ocoopa. If you prefer to use a small desk fan, this one definitely is your style. This one can only be plugged with wire and more suitable for use in fixed locations, such as office and bedside. The biggest feature is small, convenient, and light. It can rotate 360° angle, plus the wind is very quiet, you may not feel blowing but coolness. F03 has three colors of dark blue, pink, and light blue.  F03 small USB fan sells in the UK Amazon Market.




  • Powerful motor, give you strong wind and long working lifespan
  • Compact and lightweight, save your Home storage space
  • Rechargeable USB desk fan
  • Speed adjustable, meet different cooling qualifications
  • 360° rotatable, enjoy the cool wind from any angle
  • Super quiet


F04 Quiet USB desk fan

The F04 desk fan is the quietest desk fan of all Ocoopa desk fan, with 4 wind speeds. It has the function of shaking head and can be removable. At the same time, it has 2 charging ports. If you are a fan of elegant shape, then this one belongs to you.  F04 quiet USB desk fan Only sells in the UK Amazon Market. 

USB desk fan


  • Sleek and modern look
  • 4-speed flowing, from light wind to strong wind
  • Auto-oscillation, fresh air circulation around you
  • Quiet as no exist
  • Removable, Easy cleaning, USB desk fan


F05 USB desk fan

F05  is very similar to F04, but the colors are dark green and white, dark green is special, and it's portable and carrying with battery, if you suddenly met situations like a hurricane or no electricity on your home, you can use it for an emergency. F05 USB desk fan only sells in the UK Amazon Market. 



  • 4 Speeds & Electricity display
  • 4000mAh&15 H Long Working Time & Plug Play
  • Easy to Clean, Battery & Safe Durable
  • Super Quiet & 90°Angle Adjustable


F01 Clip-on USB desk fan

F01 is the only one clip on-desk fan with 10000mAh battery, can work continuously for 40 hours, Especially suitable for carrying out and construction operations. For example, mommy can use the stroller fan clip on the baby stroller and the taxi driver can use it clip on head top. There are three colors of dark blue, light blue, and white. F01 is the only clip-on fan of USB desk fan Ocoopa sells in the US amazon market. Also, sell in Japan Amazon market.

clip on desk fan


  •  Powerful 10000 mAh rechargeable battery
  •  3 adjustable speeds, strong airflow
  •  360 degrees adjustable
  •  Compact Size and Sleek Look
  •  Perfect for stroller or Bedside


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