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OCOOPA 2020 March Give Away Is Coming

OCOOPA 2020 March Give Away Is Coming

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What is the best gift you have received?

What is the best gift you have received? I believe this can cause a lot of memories. It may be a beach blanket which you can hang out with your friends, it may be arechargeable hand warmer which can charge your phone and warm your hands, or it may be a marriage ring.

OCOOPA also wants to share with you our summer products to make pre-warm up for our new products. So we are gonna publishing Ocoopa March Give AWAY(Post on 6 of March), pls follow on the Ocoopa FB page and Ocoopa website.

OCOOPA give away


Ocoopa based on E-commerce business is the leading distributor of rechargeable hand warmers. We mainly produce outdoor casual and camping&hiking outfitter. Summertime has an outdoor tent and beach blanket, Wintertime has rechargeable hand warmers. No matter what seasons, Ocoopa gets along with you!

Ocoopa posts on a variety of topics of giving away every month. Welcome everyone to participate in Ocoopa  Give away. You can also subscribe to our official website and can receive our update email. 


Ocoopa 2020 March Give Away Contest

Our upcoming summer new products are beach blankets and outdoor tents. Pls looking forward to checking it out. Ocoopa devotes to making you enjoying each season. summer cozy and winter warm with Ocoopa. What is the best gift you have received?

Attend rules:

1. Like our FB page and give your answer on OCOOPA FB.

2. Subscribe to OCOOPA website.

3. Three lucky winners will be selected based on your answer and the number of likes you get for your comment. The more likes for your answer, the more chances you will win. Besides, @more friends to like us will add additional scores for you.

4.Valid time:  from 07.March-14.March.2020

5.Announcement time:15 of March.2020

6.Winner prize

  • New beach blankets
  • Ocoopa Rechargeable hand warmers

Come on to picking up your summer back up with Ocoopa, enjoy seasons with Ocoopa.



Published on 0315: OCOOPA already chose 3 lucky winners, two guys chose OCOOPA beach blanket sand proof. one guy chooses 2020 OCOOPA Rechargeable hand warmers. Congratulations to three readers.

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