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Ultimate Guide On How To Use Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Ultimate Guide On How To Use Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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From Destiny Lenhardt

My Journey

It was just over a year ago that I found out I had Raynaud’s syndrome,but putting a name on it, didn’t fix it. For over a decade I have had very poor limb circulation. I noticed in places anywhere below room temperature I would start to lose feeling to my fingers, they would turn completely white and start to tingle or burn depending on how cold it was. This would happen indoors if the air conditioning was turned on, it happened on early morning walks, or even at the swimming pool, and so this became my life. I would try to pinch them or warm them up underwater but it is very painful as the circulation reenters. Living in Canada, 8 months of the year, winter gloves are not enough to prevent this from happening and I would even avoid leaving the house because of how severe it has gotten.

Personally, I love track and like to go for morning runs. I have completed an obstacle race and have been training to do a marathon next year! Running has helped my mental and physical health in so many ways, however, even mid-run I still have this loss of circulation. I love to run on an outdoor track but the brisk morning air leaves the pain unbearable as times. I didn’t want this to hold me back though, so sought other methods to alleviate the symptoms.


Raynaud’s Association

Through countless hours of researching solutions, I found The Raynaud’s Association, which has provided me with support in knowing I am not alone. They offer great resources to help me wit managing. I am able to stay up to date on the latest research and information. Currently, there is a known cause or cure for Raynaud’s syndrome. People all around the world struggle to different extents with the same challenges I face. There are many forms of treatment to aid in the symptoms of it.

Personally, I opted for the route of not taking the prescription medication. Personal Findings I have found that using hand warmers helps immensely, however, they are not always the most practical. The disposable hand warmers get very costly, and many brands either burn the skin or are ineffective and lose heat quickly. This option contributes to high waste and when going on a trip it is not ideal to cart around a large box of them. So I turned to reusable hand warmers these, however, usually require boiling water or again lose heat quickly, etc. Again I searched for a better option, as I knew it must be out there!


Ocoopa Rechargeable hand warmers

Recently I was introduced to the AMAZING brand Ocoopa. This company makes rechargeable hand warmers that have three multiple heat settings! The first time I tried it out I was blown away! Each hand warmer is very well designed, sleek, and discreet with a carrying case that tucks away with ease! It was able to hold a charge all day and not cause any grief. The three multiple heat settings ensure that depending on your sensitivity and the temperature, there is a sweet spot for you! This hand warmer is durable and also doubles as a portable charging pack for your cell phone or any device that can plug into a USB jack. It is stylish, easy to use with a single button. Making this switch has made all the difference for me! I am grateful to have found this perfect solution. I now know that I will not be contributing to the waste of disposable hand warmers. I will not worry about camping trips or cold steering wheels.

rechargeable hand warmer

Ocoopa has given me a part of my life back that I didn’t know was possible. The company has been more than exceptional, from efficient shipment and low packaging to material and product quality. Raynaud’s association has recognized Ocoopa’s positive impact on the community and have partnered to help other people like me experience the change. Something so small has made such a huge impact on my life quality, I cannot say thank you enough! It is no wonder that they are an Amazon bestseller.



Today I woke up, put on my running shoes, unplugged my Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer, and went for a run. Today I didn’t experience anxiety about stepping outside. Today I was able to live my life without restraint. I want to say a huge thank you to Ocoopa for their great product. It has been quite the journey but today I am that much closer to reaching my goal of running a marathon! Wherever I go I know I won't leave without it!


Buy 10000mAh Ocoopa Hand Warmers on Amazon:



Visit Ocoopa Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/OcoopaHandwarmer


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A while back I mentioned using a rechargeable hand warmer to help keep my lenses from fogging up as well as keep me warm while outshooting the stars. The Ocoopa Company saw my post and reached out to me to see if I would like to test out Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmers/battery pack device. I’ve been using it now daily and I love these!

In the summer if my camera lenses are cold from being inside with the air Conditioning I place these in my bag to warm up the lenses so they wont fog up when I arrive at my shoot. In the winter I wrap a scarf around my lens with these to keep them from getting cold and fogging up as well. Putting it inside my jacket always kept the inside super warm. Its almost too hot to touch when its on high, and it will heat for 6 to 12 hours depending on which setting you have it.

I want to thank OcooPa for sending me one to test out, and I’ve really enjoyed using it. I wasn’t paid anything to say this, nor am I making any kind of commission if you decide to purchase one. I just wanted to thank them for giving me a chance to test these out for them, and if you’re looking for a similar solution to my lens issues

Wes Snyder Photography,

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