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Are USB Hand Warmers Safe? Ocoopa Give You Answer

Are USB Hand Warmers Safe? Ocoopa Give You Answer

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1. Rechargeable hand warmers introduce

A rechargeable hand warmer is an electronic product that has only been emerging in the past two years. It can usually be used as a power bank. When the weather is cold it will heat up to provide warmth. Because the size is relatively small, it can be covered with both hands, so we refer to it as a hand warmer.

The USB hand warmer is not a new invention, but we have improved on the original product. The predecessor of the hand warmer should be an electric hand warmer, but the electric hand warmer does not have much power storage capacity, and it is relatively large. The heating wire used is hot (early).


2. Rechargeable hand warmer structure

The structure of the rechargeable hand warmer is very simple. The shell, circuit board (control, charge, and discharge), batteries, heating element, and a switch are all that make up the hand warmer. It can be seen as a portable charger that is connected to an electric heater.

 rechargeable hand warmer

3. Are USB hand warmers safe?

Whether it comes from the outside or is generated internally, high-temperature work is a very dangerous thing for a battery.  For mobile hand-warmers, limiting the temperature of the heating sheet and ensuring the quality of the battery become hand-warmers security core.

There are generally two types of lithium batteries, one is a steel shell 18650 battery, and the other is a polymer battery. We use 18650 battery, its more safe and lower risk of explosion than polymer battery, So trust Ocoopa USB rechargeable hand warmer no problem.

The upper limit of the operating temperature of the lithium battery is generally around 60 degrees Celsius, and the quality of the electrolyte is slightly worse, it may be around 55 degrees Celsius. In order to ensure the safety of the battery cell, the maximum heating temperature of the heating pad of the general hand warmer will not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Between 37 and 45 degrees, it can not only warm hands with low energy consumption, but also avoid the danger of batteries.


4.Understand the "three" classification of charging hand warmers

① Heating by heating water: Compared with the traditional hot water bottle, the electric hot water bottle saves the trouble of adding water. Plug the power supply for 10 minutes to generate heat.

② Fever through chemical reaction: Add chemical substances inside to generate heat by electricity, the earliest warm baby on the market are of this type.

③Use lithium battery to generate heat: the latest type of rechargeable hand warmer is safer and more convenient. It generates heat through the internal heating plate, which is more environmentally friendly for recycling and can emit large amounts of heat in a small volume and is more durable.


5. Choose the "four" advantages of charging hand warmers

① From my point of view: the general charging hand warmer uses lithium battery function, which has three advantages: large capacity, more environmental protection, recycling, and generally 3-4 hours of charging, can be kept twice as long under normal temperature, of course Depending on the model, different lithium battery models consume different energy.

② From the health point of view: electric heating is good for health, generally can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. There is a self-confident ceramic heater inside, with no electromagnetic radiation, which is ideal for patients with arthritis and rheumatism in winter.

③ From the appearance point of view: the general charging hand warmer is small and cute, and can also be equipped with different coats. It is rated as one of the winter girls selling cute artifacts, and it is widely loved by girls.

④ From the perspective of ease of use: As a hand warmer power bank, USB recharge function can be used to charge a variety of digital products (for example: power bank), regardless of home, work, and going out is very convenient.

rechargeable hand warmer


6.Tips for using a charging hand warmer

The rechargeable hand warmer brings great convenience to people and also has some hidden safety risks, so we should use the hand warmer correctly. The correct use method of opening the charging hand warmer:

1)Stay away from the crowd when charging
Trying to avoid serious accidents caused by accidents. But don't leave the house when charging, in case of an accident, it should be handled in time.

2)Daily care
Because of the principle of internal electrification, it is often impossible to clean directly. If the exterior is ceramic, wipe it with a dry rag. If there is a substance that is difficult to clean or discolor, wipe it with a wet paper towel, then wipe it with a dry towel. If it is made of ABS, wipe it directly with a dry towel.

 3) Avoid continuous use for too long.
Although there is a certain gap between the heating temperature of the heating element and the working temperature of the battery, the interior is a closed space. The temperature inside will rise gradually when the temperature is high for a long time, and the battery will also generate a small amount of heat when the battery is discharged. It is easy to exceed the limit and danger. OCOOPA hand warmer reaches a certain temperature automatically without heating, lowering the temperature.

4) Avoid shock-free beating.
Different from ordinary power bank, there will be a certain gap inside the hand warmers to avoid direct heating of the battery when the heating sheet is working, which will damage the outer packaging of the battery and cause danger. On the one hand, the heat is stored, and on the other hand, hard collision is avoided. That is to say, the battery of the hand warmer is not in an absolutely fixed state. If the battery core is deformed by collision, and then an internal short circuit is caused, then it is very dangerous to use. And as an electronic product, circuit electronic components are also taboo to beat and avoid breaking.

5)Unnormal fever should be replaced in time.
Unlike the ordinary power bank, the hand warmer itself is in a high-temperature working state, which is easy to enter the upper limit of normal work. If an abnormality occurs at this time, such as abnormal heating, it is likely that there is a short circuit inside. At this time, the battery is very dangerous, stop using it and replace it in time is the best way to ensure safety.

6)Keep in a dry place for a long time without use
In the season when you don't need to use rechargeable hand warmers, fully charge it before you no longer use it and keep it in a dry environment in advance to extended the service life.

7)Keep the environment away from flammable materials

Especially for night use, it is best to charge and discharge away from flammable materials such as quilts and coats. We know that quilt coats, etc. have the function of heat storage and insulation. The heat outside cannot be dissipated, and the hand warmers continue to heat.

So that the operating temperature of the battery will rise. Under high temperature, the polymer lithium battery may have spontaneous combustion As a result of the fire, the hand warmer is best to be charged away from flammable objects, and do not cover the quilt for a long time when it is hot. After all, the hand warmer is the most suitable for hand warming.



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