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Do you ever use gaming hand warmers?

Do you ever use gaming hand warmers?

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If you have followed any eSports closely, watching scrimmages or tournaments, you may have seen at least one or two players using gaming hand warmers before or after games. Do your hands feel cold when playing e-sports games? Do you ever use gaming hand warmers? Lets talk about gaming hand warmers today!

gaming hand warmers

What causes cold hands?

The biggest reason for cold hands is likely a circulation issue. Most people have problems with their circulation.

Did you ever get a numb feeling in your hands or feet? This is often caused by a circulation problem. If you have bad circulation, blood cant travel around your body as quickly or as freely as it perhaps should. Since blood is what keeps you warm, for the most part, having less of it will make you cold.

Unfortunately, wearing gloves when gaming might not be the most effective method for keeping your hands warm. Can you imagine trying to play a high-paced game with mittens on?

Are gaming hand warmers good?

We like to talk a lot about how important it is for e-sports players to be healthy since your overall well-being translates directly to how well you can play in games.

To maintain yourself healthy many different items can be of use. You can use computer glasses to maintain your eyes relaxed and have better vision, you should get a good gaming chair to help you in maintaining good posture, and you should do stretches and exercises for your hands to prevent injuries while gaming.

When it talks about hand exercises and stretches it is important to emphasize just how important it is to maintain your hands warm during gameplay as it can severely impact your performance. No matter how light your mouse is, it won't help if you can barely move your hand muscles to perform the desired motion. So when it comes to keeping hands warm, e-sports players usually use gaming hand warmers cause it's really excellent gear for warming hands before or during the game. 

Why do e-sports players use gaming hand warms?

You may be wondering why e-sports players use gaming hand warmers. Just because you are playing a video game indoors, not a sport outdoors, doesnt mean you shouldnt take care of your body and warm up before games. Actually, These gaming hand warmers serve a pretty important purpose.

E-sports players use gaming hand warmers for the same reason you or I would. Their hands are cold. Of course, that is only a simple answer. The in-depth reason is that cold hands can negatively affect the ability to move them quickly and efficiently. Proper blood circulation means hands will execute complex movements with utmost precision. If you get cold hands this effectively means limited movements and slower reaction speeds. Considering that your hands are your main input points for both your mouse and keyboard, it is not hard to understand how lagging behind in your motions can result in a subpar performance in-game.

Keeping fingers warm is the key to victory

Why warm hands work better than cold is the same for any sport. If you are about to play a game of basketball, you would stretch first and do a little warm-up. This will get your muscles ready to go and help prevent cramps. In games such as Dota 2 or League of legends, being able to move your hands and fingers quickly and comfortably could be the difference maker between winning and losing. Pro players are so equal in their skill that they must find an edge wherever they can. By giving themselves the flexibility they need they might come out with the win.

Which is the best gaming hand warmer?

Ocoopa UT2s rechargeable gaming hand warmers would be the best.

First of all, Ocoopa UT2s rechargeable gaming hand warmers can be split into two parts. You can hold one in each hand, no need to hold a gaming hand warmer in both hands.

Secondly, Ocoopa UT2s rechargeable gaming hand warmers produce massive heat in seconds. Super durable, smooth, high-grade brushed aluminum housing promotes heat retention and even heat distribution.

Last but not the least, Ocoopa UT2s rechargeable gaming hand warmers offer 4 levels of heating temperatures from cozy warmth to 145 hot. You can choose your most comfortable heat.


You should now have a pretty good understanding of why e-sports players use gaming hand warmers. It mostly boils down to increasing their performance and keeping their bodies healthy. Just like with any activity, you want to make sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid injury.

This also applied to intense gaming sessions, especially in the pro gaming scene. These players are going at it hardcore and for long periods of time. Hand warmers are just one of the few tricks they use to keep up with the competition and not fall behind.

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