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What Is The Best USB Desk Fan? Choose Ocoopa Desk Fan

What Is The Best USB Desk Fan? Choose Ocoopa Desk Fan

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USB desk fan brief introduction

Speaking of the USB desk fan, I believe everyone is very familiar with them. Electric fans are a must-have appliance in summer. With the improvement of living standards, although air conditioning has also become popular, electric fans still have advantages that air conditioning does not have, such as power-saving and protect health. 

Although the electric fan is good, it must also be used correctly. Now I will introduce you to the precautions for the use of the electric desk fan with USB.

How to use USB desk fan

1. Pay attention to the position of the discharge fan
The position of the electric fan should not be too close to the human body. If it is too close, the gap between blood circulation and sweat circulation will be too large. If you blow this for a long time, the various organs of the human body will feel tired and the whole body will feel uncomfortable. A better electric fan is placed about 2 meters away from the human body so that the wind is more gentle and even.

2. Don't blow people directly for a long time
The electric fan must not blow directly on people, otherwise, it is easy to cause a cold, and you will have arm and leg pain the next day. Therefore, we should set the electric fan to turn the head, so that it is better, and the damage to the skin and body is less.
3. Set the wind speed
The wind speed of the electric fan cannot be too large, so as to ensure that the human body has a process of adaptation. Indoor wind speed is better controlled in small gears, especially in well-ventilated rooms, and in places with excessive wind, the wind speed of electric fans should not be too large.

4. Protect the fan blades of the desk fan
The fan blade is a key component of the electric fan, so when installing, disassembling, scrubbing, or using, the protection must be strengthened to prevent deformation. Especially to prevent children from inserting foreign objects into the electric fan, such as pencils.

The above is the relevant introduction about the precautions for the use of electric fans. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!


Ocoopa desk fan introduction

Let me recommend to you the new OCOOPA desk fan available in the UK Ocoopa amazon and the USA Ocoopa amazon. The desk fan with USB has Silver and Brown colors. you can use the desk fan with USB for Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, Travel. Make your life easier and let your family feel more comfortable enjoying life.

ocoopa desk fan with USB

  • 【3 Speeds & 120°Adjustable air Circulator】OCOOPA Oscillating USB desk fan cooling has low/medium/high three wind speeds, natural wind, and strong wind coexistence. Perfect for office, bedside, outdoor camping, and disaster prevention. Support up and down 120° to adjust the wind direction and circulate the air through your house and office, you can stay cool at every angle.
  • 【Special Night Light Design】 USB desk fan is equipped with a night light on the side. Long press the "ON" button to turn ON/off the night light. It can be used as a bedside lamp at the bedside, suitable for nursing, changing diapers. Electric fan and small night light two in one, very convenient, and also save the bedside table space.
  • 【13 H Long Working Time】 USB desk fan has 4000mAh large capacity rechargeable lithium batteries, which can last 3-13 hours after being fully charged. The package contains USB charging cable, which can be plugged into the car, mobile power supply, computer, and other USB ports for charging.
  • 【Safe & Durable】 Built-in optimized PCB chip, can provide charge and discharge protection, over-temperature protection, etc., to ensure the battery life, but also to prevent short circuits and another security issue.
  • 【Plug & Play】 Can be used while charging. USB Desk fan also comes with a 5V/1A USB output port. When there is no extra charging port, you can use this fan to charge your phone.

If you always bothered hot flashes during hot days in summer, if you need more air circulation at your home and office, if you easily become cold if you open the air conditioner for the whole night, then choose the Oscillating USB desk fan is your best choice!

Oscillating desk fan


  • Model: F02
  • Color: Classic Brown/Modern Silver
  • Large battery capacity: 4000mAh
  • Large levels: 3 levels
  • Output: 5V/1A
  • Adjustable angle:  120°
  • Working time: 13 hours

Long long summertime, would you want to have the best desk fan?


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The Oscillating fan worked brilliantly for 8 months, as my office is nearly as hot as hades (I don’t know this for a fact!)
Sadly the micro USB port wasn’t a great fit with the cable & over time it became less secure.
So October 2019 I’m at work & the fan starts to behave strangely inconsistent speed & eventually stopped.
Golden_age was super helpful & offered me a replacement.
Communication was clear & courteous & I will happily shop with them again.


Quiet and powerful USB desk fan. Ocoopa desk fan is an excellent little fan that goes a long way with the supplied batteries. Quiet enough so it’s not distracting when doing work that requires focus yet it provides adequate airflow to cool you and your environment down a little. It doesn’t vibrate and the build quality seems adequate.

I haven’t tried charging it via USB as I have a dedicated smart battery charger that can take 18650 type Li-ion batteries. The supplied ones are NOT flat top so be careful when trying to substitute these with your general vaping mod batteries (which are usually flat top ones).

Choose ocoopa desk fan wont let me down


I would love this USB desk fan beside my armchair in the living room. Our windows are old sash windows and I struggle to open them on a hot day if my partner’s at work as I have mobility issues in my hands. This Ocoopa desk fan keep me cool till he got home!


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