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Use The Golf Hand Warmer In Winter Golf

Use The Golf Hand Warmer In Winter Golf

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Winter is coming, but for golf lovers, nothing can stop everyone from playing golf. Today I summarized some questions about Use The Golf Hand Warmer In Winter Golf.

How do golfers keep warm when golfing?

1.Attention to lower half clothing

A pair of base layer ‘skins’ (long johns for the older generation), followed by cotton trousers and waterproofs makes a big difference to heat retention – more so than the equivalent number of layers on your upper body.

2.Thermal Socks

As the saying goes, Cold starts from the feet and illness comes from the mouth. Keeping your extremities warm seems to help keep the rest of your body warm too. I’ve found the best option is to wear a pair of good thermal socks over a thin pair of cotton socks.

3.Mits &Golf Hand Warmers

There’s nothing worse than a mis-hit shot just because of your frozen fingers. How about getting yourself a pair of big golf mits and a rechargeable golf hand warmer? To be honest, the golf hand warmer is really excellent gear. It's the single best weapon against the cold! Many golfers are using Ocoopa Union 5S rechargeable hand warmer to let them enjoy uninterrupted warmth.

4.A warm Hat

Many people may never be one for head-wear of any kind, but donning a hat this winter when golfing will make the condition a difference. Because if you don’t do like this, you’re losing a lot of unnecessary heat!

Do golfers use hand warmers?

The rules of golf do allow a person to use a golf hand warmer during their round to keep their hands warm. It is considered a traditionally accepted use of equipment. So you are allowed to use a golf hand warmer when playing golf. As far as we know, there are truly quite a few golfers use golf hand warmers when they play golf.

How long does a golf hand warmer last?

That depends on the kind you get, We discuss Disposable golf hand warmers and Rechargeable golf hand warmers here.

1.Disposable golf hand warmer

The disposable hand warmers last between five and eight hours. Basically, one pair should last through one day of outdoor winter activity. The oxidation process begins immediately, and you'll notice a gradual increase in the heat for about 20 minutes. However, you'll feel the warmth much sooner than that, and you should put each pouch inside your gloves or WINTER BOOTS soon after you shake it.

2.Rechargeable golf hand warmer

Different from disposable hand warmers, The Rechargeable golf hand warmer can ensure One charge, All-day warmth - Ocoopa Union 5s are packed with an incredibly large 10000mAh battery which has a 20% increase in energy density, and minimal increases in weight. It can provide up to 15 hours of heat. Accompany you all day long.

What is the Best Winter Golf Hand Warmer?

The rechargeable golf hand warmer is the best winter golf hand warmer type, cause it has a longer usage time, with a more suitable temperature, and can be used as a portable power bank. And Ocoopa is a reliable brand that makes golf rechargeable hand warmer for a long time.

Especially the Ocoopa Union 5S is packed with an incredibly large 10000mAh battery which has a 20% increase in energy density, and minimal increases in weight. It can provide up to 15 hours of heat which can accompany you all day long. It has a detachable and rechargeable battery core that enables you to refill your hand warmer for another 15 hours of use anywhere and anytime outdoors. Enjoy uninterrupted warmth and always be ready for any adventure.

All in all, hope you have a wonderful golf journey with a golf hand warmer! Looking forward to your nice swing!

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