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Get to know Raynaud's

I have suffered from Raynaud’s Syndrome for many years and Ocoopa’s rechargeable hand warmer has been a lifesaver for me!!! 

Raynaud’s is a chronic condition that restricts blood circulation to hands and feet. Colder climates, cold water, and even stress will cause my fingers to lose circulation and become numb. They will start to turn white as they lose blood flow, and then blue, and finally red. This cycle usually lasts an hour and is very painful. Conveniently, the ocoopa hand warmer comes with a little pouch and I keep it with me at all times. It literally heats up in seconds, so I can prevent my hands from freezing when I feel the symptoms coming on.

That has been the most beneficial for me as a Raynaud’s sufferer because I don’t have to endure the pain at all once I power on the hand warmer. In the past, just going through the freezer section of the grocery store, swimming, and washing dishes would cause my fingers to become numb.

So, unfortunately, it is not just cold climates that trigger an episode. It can happen in the summertime too. I was beginning to not enjoy outside activities because I didn’t want to be uncomfortable for an hour or more trying to regain circulation in my hands. I was missing out on fun times with family and friends.

Since Raynaud’s Syndrome is a chronic condition, it is something that I will have for life. The only “cure” is to dress warmly and to try to avoid situations that trigger the symptoms. Being able to prevent my hands from losing circulation immediately, allows me to avoid an uncomfortable situation altogether. I haven’t found anything that compares to hand warmer. I have tried many different types of gloves, and the Hot Hands activated heat packs, but they usually did not work for me because they were uncomfortable and bulky, and the packs did not activate quickly enough to avoid a flare-up.


Ocoopa hand warmer test feeling

The Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer has a smooth texture and feels good in my hands. Both sides of the device warm up which provides an even heat throughout. This is the only remedy I have found that works instantly. It has really saved me a lot of unnecessary suffering. I have used it just about everywhere. I have taken it ice-skating, to the movie theatre, on camping trips, on an airplane, and I have used it while working at my desk. It has been the perfect warm companion on lots of chilly days, and has even come in handy on days I didn’t feel like moving from the couch! 

rechargeable hand warmer

My husband is very tech-savvy and knew I had trouble keeping my hands warm in certain situations. He did a lot of research on various gloves and gadgets, but ultimately chose the Ocoopa hand warmer because of it’s raving reviews and because it was also a phone charger! He gave it to me as a gift, and the professional-looking packaging even included a nice gift card.

 I was thrilled that not only did it prevent my hands from having Raynaud’s symptoms, but it also charged my phone!! This eliminates the need for me to carry around a separate power-bank as well.

Recommend Ocoopa hand warmer

I now have 2 different models and I love them both! They each have 3 different temperature settings and stay hot for 8 or more hours. The best part is that if I am able to use the device when I start to feel cold, I can usually knock out my symptoms on the lowest setting! This is an amazing feeling, considering this is something I have dealt with for many years without resolve. I didn’t have any other choices in the past.

The smaller model works best with my small hands and I can even fit it into my gloves. It includes an adapter for your phone for charging directly to the device. The larger model offers 3 connections types, which is a convenient feature. 

rechargeable hand warmer

I would purchase rechargeable hand warmers or other products offered by Ocoopa again. This hand warmer is the best thing I have received for my Raynaud’s symptoms. I would definitely gift this to someone with similar needs and think it could be beneficial for other ailments such as arthritis or any issue that you would use a heating pad for. The price point is great for all the features and benefits this device provides. If you suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome, have cold hands, or spend time in colder climates, this rechargeable hand warmer and phone charger is a win-win!!


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