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Ocoopa Champions Esports: Sponsoring MsState Esport's Eggbowl

Ocoopa Champions Esports: Sponsoring MsState Esport's Eggbowl

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We're thrilled to announce Ocoopa's latest venture into the world of esports - We are now the proud sponsor of the Eggbowl of esports at Mississippi State University.This partnership marks a significant step in our ongoing commitment to the gaming community and youth engagement.

Esports, a rapidly growing field, has captivated millions globally and has become a major customer base for Ocoopa. Players often compete in cold rooms, where maintaining warm hands is crucial for fast and efficient gameplay. Our hand warmers have become an essential tool for these gamers, and by sponsoring MS State's esports team, we aim to empower these talented players to excel. Our mission is perfectly aligned with the dynamic spirit of esports – fostering innovation, excitement, and community.

MsState's esports team has shown exceptional professional and organizational skills and values that resonate with Ocoopa's ethos. We're excited to be part of their journey, providing them with the resources and warmth they need to excel in national and international arenas. Our support extends beyond financial aid; we're committed to fostering a culture of excellence and sportsmanship.

Stay tuned for more updates on MS State's achievements and how Ocoopa continues to champion the esports world. Together, we're not just warming hands; we're igniting passions and building a community of winners.

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