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Compare Ocoopa Hand Warmer Here And Pick The Best For You

Compare Ocoopa Hand Warmer Here And Pick The Best For You

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Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer

Hi, this is Alice from Ocoopa. I know many friends may have trouble don't know how to choose the best rechargeable hand warmer for you. Because every brand on Amazon seems the pictures and description are the same, Trust me. Even as a seller on Amazon, it's also hard for me to choose because it really looks the same. Especially for those who have Choice Difficulties. 

So hope today we talk about every model difference of rechargeable hand warmer, hope can give you some guidance when you not sure which model rechargeable hand warmer is best for you, Compare Ocoopa each model rechargeable hand warmer on here.


Ocoopa 118 best value rechargeable hand warmer

It is the earliest model of hand warmer launched by the Ocoopa brand. It is popular among consumers because of its compact size and high valuable performance and low cost. Own 5200mAh only need $21.99.  So 118 is the best value rechargebale hand warmer among all those Ocoopa brand rechargeable hand warmer.

rechargeable hand warmer

The biggest feature is that it small and portable. Work time is 4-8 hours, and charging full of power takes 2-3 hours. Disadvantage is that the battery capacity is low only 5200mAh and the use time is not longer enough. But if you don’t have special requirements for the use time and the hands are relatively small, this one is more suitable for you. 


Ocoopa A8 powerplus rechargeable hand warmer

It is a hand warmer launched by the Ocoopa brand last year, aimed for those customers who have largest demand for use time. Battery capacity of 7800mAh, and can use more than 8-12 hours. Because the battery capacity is more bigger compared to 118 model, the charging time is relatively increased by 5 hours. If you have a more large budget to buy hand warmers, A8 is a good choice. It is most suitable for traveling, outdoor activities, and also a good choice for sending family and friends as gifts.

The largest advantage is an amazing powerplus rechargeable hand warmer, but the disadvantage is more heavy and more bigger than 118 model. To those who have big hands, it is the best rechargeable hand warmer.


Ocoopa H01PD fast-charging 10000mAh rechargeable hand warmer

 H01PD was lauched on September 2020, it is the mainly promoting model of Ocoopa 2020. This model is compeletly developed by Ocoopa and has many creative design. Check it out with me. First, using high class import 10000mAh battery can ensure the longest use time more than 118 model and A9 model. Plus, no similar brand has met 10000mAh battery as well. Second, it individually use advanced fast-charging technology. Only need 3.5 Hours can give full power of hand warmer. Third, it added a sweet design- Anti drop fuction, even the hand warmer fall from 10meters high buildings,Silicone shock protection against accidental drop. So you dont need to worry about easy breakdown.


Then H01PD has two editions as classic editon and fashion editon. They have only one difference-The color of area where the three-level temperature is displayed on the surface The classic H01PD  uses a white surface. The Fashion H01PD has a black surface. Do you know why we did that? In order to break the traditional thoughts of consumers and lead the fashion of hand warmers to a new filed.


H01PD Fast charging classic edition rechargeable hand warmer picture show


H01PD Fast charging fashion edition rechargeable hand warmer picture show


1.H01PD classic edition 10000mAh rechargeable hand warmer

2.H01PD fashion edition 10000mAh rechargeable hand warmer


Ocoopa H01 No fast-charging 1000mAh rechargeable hand warmer

H01 same to H01PD hand warmer from shape to battery, Only dont have fast-charging fuction. It also have 10000mAh battery which can use 10-15hours, but charge full of power need 6-7hours, because dont have fast-charging. If you dont mind charge need more time, H01 also great for everyday use. Buy on Amazon now.



Ocoopa A9 comfortable handle rechargeable hand warmer

A9 also published on 2020 Sep closedly to H01PD model. This is a model developed by Ocoopa and coporate factory. Using 9000mAh battery and fast charing. The largest advantage of A9 is that have the comfortable handle, afford  you the amazing comfort when holding rechargeable hand warmer on the hand.

And shape is similar to Zippo rechargeable hand warmer. But we think A9 is looking more amazing than Zippo rechargeable hand warmer. And the ability of keeping warm and use time is no worse than Zippo rechargeable hand warmer. Hope it will surprise you.



Ocoopa R-ARTIST series rechargeable hand warmer

This year we made those amazing pattern based on 118 5200mAh rechargeable hand warmer and A8 7800mAh rechargeable hand warmer. Hope you like it and we voted out those four pattern and four names.

Those four model will launch on Octorber. Check it soon.

A: Groovy Paisley, Means Psychedelic groove art, the origin can trackback to Babylon and flourished in Persia and India, a pattern of different curved shapes in different colors on cloth, Symbolic tree of life.

B: Ocean Waves, wave rives Symbolize the continuation of life, also like Ocean wave, mystery, and noble.

C: Black Passions, Mystery purple show in the dull black as come back to life and stay powerful, passion.

D: Milky Way, making all of us remember of the Van Gogh painting Starry Night, endless out space with a star, galaxy world.

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Great, i made purchase for wife, she has Raynaud’s. So far she loves it.

Steven Lopez,

I would like to buy an Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer for my husband for Xmas. He loves the outdoors but gets very cold hands and I dislike him using disposable hand warmers. Amazon is out of stock. Is there any way I could order one from you? regards, mary puddicombe

Mary Puddicombe,

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