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Join Ocoopa & Call2Recycle in Our Eco-Friendly Mission

Join Ocoopa & Call2Recycle in Our Eco-Friendly Mission

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Partnering for the Planet: Ocoopa & Call2Recycle

Since launching our first model on 2018, we've been committed to innovation and sustainability. After 5 years, it's no surprise that our earliest models are showing their age. Ocoopa recognize the slower performance of batteries over time and the growing concern of e-waste. To address this, Ocoopa has partnered with the United States' leading battery recycling organization, Call2Recycle, to provide our customers with an environmentally responsible way to retire your seasoned Ocoopa hand warmers."


Recycle & Renew: Our Commitment to You and the Earth

As we approach Christmas 2023, with exciting new models available and many loyal customers returning, we're thrilled to give back through our 'Recycle and Renew' initiative. Participate by recycling your old Ocoopa hand warmers at any Call2Recycle drop-off location, send us a photo, and we'll upgrade you to a new model!


Your Guide to Giving Back

1. Locate your nearest Call2Recycle drop-off point https://www.call2recycle.org/locator/
2. Bring your seasoned Ocoopa and take a photo with it at the drop-off location. Ensure your photo includes yourself, the hand warmer, and the drop-off point clearly.
3. Contact Pan@Ocoopa.com to claim your warmer!


Additional Details:

By submitting your photo, you grant Ocoopa permission to use the image on our social media platforms and websites.
- Spaces for the campaign are limited. If you send us your recycling image on a day when this link is active, you’re eligible for the exchange. Once the limit is reached, the link will be updated to indicate that the campaign is full.
- The renewal model options are subject to inventory and include the UT2s Mini, UT3 Lite, Hotpal, and HeatCube. These models are typically available for exchange.


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