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How to keep hands warm in the winter?

How to keep hands warm in the winter?

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Winter weather and cold hands go hand in hand, we would try our best to solve the problem of how to keep hands warm in the winter. There are good ways to combat winter "cold hands" using a combination of old methods and new technologies.

winner cold

Improve blood circulation of your hands

If you're constantly facing the problem of how to keep hands warm in the winter, it's time to improve your blood circulation. Do remember to wear warm clothes to keep your body warm, avoid cold drinks, especially alcohol, quit smoking, and avoid taking medicines that narrow blood vessels, such as cold medicines or diet pills. Make sure to exercise regularly or do yoga to combat stress.

Try to eat more healthy food

This one is simple: eat more fruits and vegetables, and your hands will be warm. Eating healthy foods is a great way for your circulation because it boosts your heart health, and better blood flow ultimately means a warmer you. First, avoid eating too much meat, cheese, and salt. On the other hand, eat more fruits, vegetables, salmon, radishes, peppers, garlic, turmeric, etc. Vegetables and overall healthy foods will ease your concerns about how to keep hands warm and improve your blood flow, keeping your arteries open during winter.

Do exercise regularly

For people who sit in the office for a long time, cold hands and feet are very common. However, exercise is the best way to improve your blood circulation. Every time you notice cold fingers, take a few minutes to do hand exercises. Also, you should be exercising regularly, as only physical activity can help you to solve the thing that how to keep hands warm in the long run. If you're at home, you can do squats, if you're an outdoorsy person, you can walk, run, bike, or simply take a yoga class.

See a doctor for advice

If your hands become too much in winter, then we recommend that you see a doctor. It probably isn't, but it could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If not, your doctor can give you more advice on how to keep hands warm in the cold weather.

Wear gloves in the winter

The simplest way how to keep hands warm outdoors is to wear loose-fitting gloves. Also, mittens are often better than gloves because gloves isolate each finger. Fingers warm each other while mittens trap warm air around your hands.

Wear gloves

Put the glove liners inner your gloves

Glove liners function as lightweight “inner gloves.” Using a glove liner is an excellent method to add extra warmth to any pair of gloves you own. Glove liners for cold weather are not the same glove used at hospitals. Glove liners used in the medical profession are designed to solve how to keep hands warm, protecting the hand from “unpleasant things,” not providing insulation.

By contrast, a glove liner designed for cold weather provides the extra insulating ability. Typically, the best and warmest glove liners are made from Merino Wool. While Merino Wool glove liners are probably the most popular, synthetic and silk insulation also work well.

Glove liners

Chemical disposal hand warmer

The answer to how to keep hands warm, air-activated chemical hand warmers are the most common answer of new technologies, which have kept hands warm for decades. To use a chemical hand warmer, simply tear open the package, shake the hand warmer well, and stuff it into your pocket or glove (if you plan on stuffing them into gloves, be sure to buy the ones specifically designed. Many chemical warmers too large to fit inside a glove.)

Chemical disposal hand warmer

Try rechargeable hand warmers

Sometimes gloves are not enough to help solve how to keep hands warm. Fortunately, there are gadgets designed specifically to warm up your hands. The Ocoopa Union 2S is a rechargeable hand warmer that would keep your hands warm in chilly weather for 8+ hours on low. And the possibility of the rechargeable hand warmers being able to be used separately or joined by magnets is very convenient, providing comfortable warmth on both your hands. And it helps you to reduce waste during outdoor activities, saving disposable hand warmers again and again. 

rechargeable hand warmers


Now that you have gone over some ways how to keep hands warm using a combination of old methods and new technologies. Being well-prepared is the best way of solving how to keep hands warm in the winter, and it would make sure your winter day is more enjoyable.

But all in all, rechargeable hand warmers is one of the most convenient technology product that you can get from the market. With these durable rechargeable hand warmers, it'll be easier to keep your hands warm in the winter. Be sure to try them out on your next time and see whether they work for you.

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