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Do you know what's inside a hand warmer?

Do you know what's inside a hand warmer?

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The temperature in winter is not very friendly to the elderly, girls, or people with cardiovascular disease, especially those who are prone to cold hands and feet. Still can't stand the low temperature. Even though drinking hot water and wearing a down jacket, there is still a coolness running through the whole body. In winter or when the temperature is low, the cold air is still lingering in the room, so cold that you will even shiver when typing... 

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Even if you sleep and hide under the quilt, you can still feel the biting cold. Rechargeable hand warmers, disposable hand warmer, electric heaters, and other warm winter artifacts have rescued many elderly people who are afraid of the cold. One of the most popular things is disposable hand warmer. Although providing us with warmth, disposable hand warmer also have some safety hazards, so what's inside a hand warmer of disposable type? And do you know how to use it safely?

What's inside a hand warmer : the disposable type

There are several different types of disposable hand warmers, but the most common type contains small pieces of iron, water, activated charcoal, salt, a water reservoir, and a mineral called "vermiculite." And when the iron is exposed to oxygen, it begins to oxidize and generate heat. Other natural ingredients perform many different tasks: salt is used to facilitate chemical reactions, carbon is used to dissipate heat, and vermiculite is used to insulate generated heat. This is the simple answer to what's inside a hand warmer of disposable type.

How does the disposable hand warmer work for you?

To understand the question “what's inside a hand warmer” better, you may need to know how the disposable hand warmer works for you. The reaction principle of the disposable hand warmer is to use the primary battery to speed up the oxidation reaction and convert chemical energy into heat energy. To make the temperature last longer, the product uses the mineral material vermiculite for insulation. Because the product cannot react before use, the material of the bag must be very special, consisting of a raw material layer, a gelatin layer, and a non-woven bag. The non-woven bag is made of microporous breathable film. It also has to have a regular airtight outer bag - the gelatin layer.  

When in use, the outer bag is removed, the inner bag (non-woven bag) is exposed to the air, and the oxygen in the air enters the inside through the breathable membrane. The time and temperature of heat release are controlled by the oxygen transmission rate of the breathable membrane. With the knowledge of what's inside a hand warmer, you must remember some tips. If the oxygen permeability is too fast, the heat will be released at once, and the skin may be burned. But if the oxygen permeability is too slow, there will be no temperature. After use, it is a dark brown solid, which contains carbon powder, NaCl solid, Fe2O3 solid, and salts containing magnesium and aluminum. And the disposable hand warmer is designed for one-time use and then disposed of in regular garbage.

The use time of the disposable hand warmer depends on what's inside a hand warmer. To lengthen the time a hand warmer lasts, some companies opt to increase the amount of iron in the disposal hand warmer. Another strategy is to experiment with iron powder. If you vary the raw materials in the hand warmer pouch, you can change how quickly the reaction happens or how much of the hand warmer pouch reacted at one time. For example, the greater the surface area of the iron, the more it can react with oxygen to produce heat.

How to choose a better alternative for the disposable hand warmer ?

Now you know what's inside a hand warmer of the disposable type, and what happens with it. But do you know the damage of disposable hand warmer is likely to be permanent to human health and the environment? Some unqualified disposable hand warmer may burn you. And excessive use of disposable things for pursuing convenience, and hygiene, causes environmental pollution and health hazards. It is recommended that in addition to turning on the electric heater, you can consider choosing a USB-charged hand warmer, also known as an electronic rechargeable hand warmers, to replace the disposable hand warmers.

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