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Ocoopa Australia

Ocoopa Australia

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About Ocoopa

Ocoopa is a brand of hand warmers that are designed to be portable, convenient, and easy to use. They are rechargeable and can be charged using a USB cable, making them a convenient option for keeping your hands warm when you are on the go.


Founded in 2015, Ocoopa focuses on the research of rechargeable hand warmers. Since 2017, the first hand warmer 118s launched by Ocoopa has sold more than one million units worldwide. Over the years, Ocoopa has continuously upgraded and innovated hand warmers, from 118s to A8, A9, the Halo series H01 will be launched in 2020, and the Union series will be launched in 2022. Over the past 8 years, Ocoopa hand warmers have achieved great success in North America and Europe , Millions of customer smiles are the motivation for Ocoopa to keep going.

Learn More: https://www.ocoopa.com/pages/ocoopa-story

The Ocoopa Hand Warmer Advantage

#1. Reliable

Since the Ocoopa hand warmer was launched in 2017, the Ocoopa hand warmer has been quickly accepted by consumers because of its reliability.


Ocoopa hand warmers are manufactured in China, but Ocoopa staff will inspect each hand warmer twice to ensure that the defective rate of hand warmers is less than 0.5%.


Over the years, Ocoopa's million hand warmers have not had a single fire or any physical hazard. And the lifespan of Ocoopa hand warmers is basically more than 2 years (even in the case of improper maintenance). It is precisely because of our strict quality control that our hand warmers are loved by consumers. If there is any quality problem with the hand warmer, Ocoopa Support Team will respond within 24 hours and provide corresponding solutions.

#2. Affordable and economical


The price of Ocoopa hand warmers starts from US$20-50. On Christmas Eve in 2022, the Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer has been listed on US TODAY and has been rated as one of the best gifts under US$30.


You can choose the corresponding model according to your needs. Different models have different prices. If you only need to provide hand warming time within 5 hours, then 118s 118D under 30 dollars can meet your needs. If you Longer battery life is required, and the H01 is only priced at $34.99. The fast-charging 10,000mAH is also only $36.99. If you have requirements for water resistance, too. Then the H01 PD PRO is the top version in the Halo series, currently priced at $42.99.


Ocoopa hand warmers usually last for more than 2 years. Compared with single-use chemical hand warmers, rechargeable hand warmers are definitely one of the more cost-effective investments in the long run.

#3. Lots of options

Each model of Ocoopa hand warmer provides a variety of colors, and Ocoopa hand warmer has models suitable for various usage scenarios.


In the Halo series, Ocoopa offers:

118s, 118D and other entry-level hand warmers.

Hand warmers suitable for larger hands, such as A8 and A9

H01, H01 PD and H01 PD PRO are suitable for hand warmers that need a long battery life.


In the Union series, Ocoopa offers

U5s: Detachable hand warmer, you can freely choose the appearance and replace the battery by yourself to maintain long-term heating.

UT2s: The hand warmer can be divided into two, suitable for two hands that need warm hand warmer.

Overall, each model of Ocooopa has its own characteristics, and it offers a variety of colors on each model.


Where can I buy an Ocoopa hand warmer in Australia?

Ocoopa will officially start selling hand warmers in Australia in 2023.


Ocoopa.com currently supports Australian customers to checkout, and in March 2023, Ocoopa will open a warehouse in Australia, and the shipping time will be reduced to 2-5 days.


According to our plan, you will be able to purchase Ocoopa products on ocoopa.com and amazon on March 15, 2023.


I am secretary of a Bowling Club and interested in stocking the H01 PD for sale at the Club.

What would the price – wholesale/retail to purchase for re-sale and qhat quantities for purchase.

Lesley Wiseman,

Hi. Can I buy in Australia yet?


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