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Do you ever use disposable hand warmer pouch?

Do you ever use disposable hand warmer pouch?

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For those who are chilly type, you must familiar with disposable hand warmers. But do you know whats inside your disposable hand warmer pouch? And how do they work for us? Will rechargeable hand warmers be a better choice than them?

disposable hand warmer pouch

What’s inside your disposable hand warmer pouch?

Each disposable hand warmer pouch typically contains iron powder, salt, water, an absorbent material, and activated carbon.They turn up the heat in your mittens by means of an exothermic reaction that, in essence, just creates rust.

How the disposable hand warmers work for you?

In fact, anyone who braves cold temperatures might be tempted to try the little disposable pouches that emit warmth within seconds of being exposed to air. When the pouch is removed from its outer packaging, oxygen drifts across the pouch’s permeable covering. With salt and water present, the oxygen reacts with the iron powder located inside to form iron oxide (Fe2O3) and release heat.

To lengthen the time a hand warmer lasts, some companies opt to increase the amount of iron in the packet.Another strategy is to experiment with the iron powder. If you vary the raw materials in the warmer, you can change how quickly the reaction happens or how much of the warmer is reacted at one time. For example, the greater the surface area of the iron, the more it can react with oxygen to produce heat.

How to choose a better alternative for the disposable hand warmer pouch?

Do you know the damage of disposable hand warmers is likely to be permanent for human health and environment? Some unqualified hand warmer may burn you.And excessive use of disposable thing for pursuing convenience, hygiene, causing environmental pollution and health hazards.

Ocoopa 2s rechargeble hand warmer

Then Ocoopa 2s rechargeble hand warmer would be a better choice for you, they could help you to reduce waste , saving disposable hand warmers again and again.

You can choose the heating level that's most comfortable for you. And at the low temperature, it stays on many hours longer. One more brilliant possibility of this hand warmer, you can also use them to recharge your phone. They don't work miracles but give a better feeling of warmth.

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