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Ocoopa go warmer hand warmer, really works in winter!

Ocoopa go warmer hand warmer, really works in winter!

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1.Why use go warmer hand warmer?

When the winter is getting cold, the right coat, hat, scarf, and gloves can help keep you warm when you are outdoors. But sometimes even when you’re bundled up, your hands may still be cold. In winter, it’s normal for your hands to get a little colder than the rest of your body because the body pulls heat from your extremities to help keep your core warm.  

Instead of looking for thicker mittens, invest in a rechargeable go warmer hand warmer. A rechargeable go warmer hand warmer helps restore warmth to your fingers and palms. About the size of a smartphone, a hand warmer can easily fit in most pockets, and one works well for outdoor activities like commuting, hiking, fishing, hunting, golfing, and camping.

2.How does go warmer hand warmer work?

A Rechargeable go warmer hand warmer is a device that is powered by batteries and converts electrical energy into heat energy. The Rechargeable go warmer hand warmer is very simple and convenient to operate, you only need to press the power button to start using it, and then you can adjust the temperature of the Rechargeable go warmer hand warmer according to your needs, like Ocoopa Union 5S rechargeable go warmer hand warmer has four different temperature gear settings.

3.What are the key consideration of go warmer hand warmer?

Battery capacity

Rechargeable go warmer hand warmers are powered by batteries. You want to choose a model that offers the longest battery life possible so you don’t have to worry about it running out midway through an activity. A battery’s capacity indicates how long it will last in cold weather. Rechargeable go warmer hand warmers have batteries with capacities that range from 3000 to 8000 milliampere hours (mAh). For the best performance, opt for one with at least 5200 mAh. Like Ocoopa Union 5S rechargeable go warmer hand warmer, is equipped with a capacity of 10000mAh, and can heat for 15 hours constantly.

Heat distribution

When you’re choosing a rechargeable go warmer hand warmer, it’s important to consider how the device distributes the heat. Some models only heat up on one side, which means you can only warm one hand at a time. On the other hand warmers, both sides of the device heat up, allowing you to warm both hands at the same time. It’s usually more comfortable to hold a double-sided model, too.

4.How to prolong battery life

To prolong the life of your lithium-ion batteries, keep the rechargeable go warmer hand warmer charged whenever possible. Avoid fully depleting the battery or leaving the battery in a fully discharged state. If you only use the Ocoopa in the winter season, be sure to put our minder on your calendar to charge the Ocoopa every month or at least every three months to maintain the battery's health and ensure it is ready to go when cold temperatures return.

5.How to prolong heating time

Factors that affect heating time include the surrounding temperature and humidity and your hand's temperature, etc. Heat will escape from the unit faster when it is in direct contact with the cold, thus forcing it to work harder. Hence, it is best to keep the unit insulated in your pocket, gloves, or scarf. If the unit is losing heat due to your cold hands, keep holding the unit and it will start to feel warm once the amount of heat produced is more than the amount absorbed by your hands.

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