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OCOOPA’s Heartwarming Gesture: Donating to Seattle Children’s Hospital

OCOOPA’s Heartwarming Gesture: Donating to Seattle Children’s Hospital

Ocoopa |

A Business Outreach Turns Charitable
It began with our sales team reaching out for potential corporate Christmas gift partnerships. Among those contacted was Seattle Children’s Hospital, which sparked an unexpected journey.

A Surprising Request
The response from Seattle Children’s Hospital was unique. They couldn’t purchase our hand warmers but saw great value in them as a donation. This prompted us to reconsider our initial business-focused approach.

Beyond Business: A Commitment to Care
After learning about the hospital’s dedication to not just medical care but also providing a comforting recovery environment, our decision became clear. We committed to donating a diverse selection of hand warmers, catering to children, their families, and volunteers.

Impact Over Profit
This wasn’t a marketing move; it was about making a difference. At OCOOPA, we value societal contribution, even if it comes in the form of donations. Our gesture to Seattle Children’s Hospital embodies our ethos of meaningful impact.


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