Ocoopa New Official Website Introduction

June 08, 2020

Ocoopa New Official Website Introduction

Sweet Ocoopa customers,

Congratulations we launched our Ocoopa official website on May.5.2020. Because we want to make more great website for all of you. Let me introduce our website's new function and new design for you.


Ocoopa website navigation

First of all, you can see is our official website navigation, we are divided into five parts as product area, Ocooap brand introduction, Ocoopa brand community, blog, and contact us.

Ocoopa website

Homepage introduction

Now let's introduce each part in detail. When you see the homepage of our official website, the first section of the homepage is our banner. The first banner is a child and mother enjoy family time at home. Then you can see our slogan, enjoy seasons, no matter which season. We want to pass on the cozy and warm feeling to customers that Ocoopa is your best choice. The second banner is our new product testing area, if you want to test Ocoopa products for free, Welcome to contact us. Our product series available for testing include hand warmers, beach mats, beach tents, desktop fans, and other products.

The homepage goes down, the second part is our main product alley. Our classic product introduction and new product arrivals. You can see the three best-selling hand warmers we selling until now and this year's new Ocoopa desk fan series display.

rechargeable hand warmers



The third part on the homepage is a blog post. You can see some of our life tips and science articles, big event displays, product recommendations, and the latest developments in our brand.


ocoopa website

The bottom of the home page is our social media introduction. You can click to see our social media and how to contact us. If you have after-sales questions and want to cooperate with us, you can also subscribe to our official website to receive our latest news.
ocoopa website

Next is our navigation page, the first you can see is Ocoopa shop-product classification- divided into rechargeable hand warmers, beach blanket, desk fan. Through the shop, you can fully understand our product series. All our products can be redirecting you buy on our Amazon store. You can feel safe buying any of our products.

ocoopa website


Ocoopa story

The second part is Ocoopa story. We introduce the story of the Ocoopa brand in detail and the aim and goal we want to pass on to our customers. We hope to let more customers understand the Ocoopa brand.


Ocoopa community

The third part is the Ocoopa community, the first one is our influencer program if you are an influencer, welcome to cooperate with Ocoopa. The second is the customer bonus, if you want to test Ocoopa products for free, please contact us. The third is the wholesale page. If you want to sell Ocoopa products and are interested in our product distribution, I sincerely hope to cooperate with you.


Ocoopa blog

The fourth part is our blog area, we will introduce our new product series introduction, popular science articles, and the big event will be displayed here, I hope you can better understand the Ocoopa brand. Feel our enthusiasm and temperature.


Contact us

The fifth part is the contact us page, you can contact us by email and fill out the form, we will contact you as soon as possible. And you can also contact us through our Facebook, INS, twitter.

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