Ocoopa hand warmer double the love of this year

February 03, 2021

Ocoopa hand warmer double the love of this year

Valentine's Day Giveaway, Double the love this year. Ocoopa will send 4 hand warmer as a gift to your lover. We can send gift to you or your lover and using Ocoopa official email sending best wish to your choose email address.

Hand warmer Gift link: https://amzn.to/37kPigc, Attend link: http://bit.ly/3pMLmgk
How to get a valentines gift?

1.Ocoopa customer who bought Ocoopa brand products before, The first three lucky guys who offer your amazon order ID and sending it to the Ocoopa Facebook page. First come, first get it.

2. Ocoopa fans, who liked and followed the @Ocoopa Facebook page, we will pick one lucky guy to get Ocoopa hand warmer.

If you already our Ocoopa customers or Ocoopa fans both have chances to get Valentine's Day Gift. Good luck everyone.

End time: 2021.2.14. Announce the winner on Feb.18.2021. 


Update on Feb.18.2021.

Ocoopa Valentine's day hand warmer GIFT WINNER is here🎉🎉.
We are so happy can receive so many friends who bought Ocoopa brand products before and enthusiastic to join our valentine's day giveaway.
And receive many product feedbacks from our customers🥰, we are so happy can receive your feedbacks making us know our work has great meaning.
Here is our hand warmer winner, please send your private shipping address and email to our Ocoopa inbox. we will ship the hand warmer as soon as possible.
⚡@Eric Louw @Andi Liebowitz @Paul Wong @Margaret Jones⚡
Thank you for all friends lovely to join our Ocoopa giveaway, we love you.
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Visit Ocoopa Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/OcoopaHandwarmer

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