Hate hauling gear across the sand? Check customer review of Ocoopa beach blanket

April 09, 2020

Hate hauling gear across the sand? Check customer review of Ocoopa beach blanket

Customer review of 10'X 9'Beach Blankets Sandproof Oversized

I love going to the beach, but I hate hauling gear across the sand, and the Ocoopa ultra-lightweight beach blanket really cuts down on the bulk! No more heavy bulky cumbersome blankets that get full of sand! The parachute material blanket comes in its own cute little drawstring carrying pouch, I couldn’t believe how small it was. You can see from the below picture, you can hold it by one hand.

The parachute material of beach blanket sand proof has four secure corner anchors to help keep it in place. It opens up so easily, weighs very little and is GIANT! The XXL has more than enough room for two adults and two dogs, with plenty of room to lay and move around and have a picnic or a nap. It’s waterproof and cleans off very easily with a good hearty shake. Sandflies right off and so does water. The material is comfortable to lay on and doesn’t get hot from the sun.

The blue and aqua color makes it really easy to see from far away, finding our spot after a walk was a snap. It’s also unique and different and not boring like classic beach blankets. We have used it to set a picnic on the sand, watch a movie on grass, and even to cover the seats of our car after a beach day! No sand in the car is a great thing. It’s versatile and multipurpose. The built-in pocket on the front is great for tucking away small items that could get lost in the sand or grass.

The stitching is heavyweight and secure, both on the long seams between color panels and along all the edges, and seems very durable. I have no doubt this will last a long time and will get taken to a lot of events. The corner pockets for adding sand or pebbles to keep the blanket down on windy days are a great touch.

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 By Elise  on April 5.2020


Customer review of 78*60 Outdoor Blanket

"First, this is huge! Big enough for 3 or 4 people but, do not let that scare you off as you can simply fold in whatever you don't want to use. I tested this first in my wet backyard and no water seeped through. Then, we took it to the beach last weekend and it proved itself to be a great purchase.

The sand pockets held the corners in place, it did not billow from gusts of wind and when it was time to pack it in, the sand simply shook free. Okay, not 100% but far better than any blanket I grew up using. This is the way to go.

We tightly folded the whole thing and gently pushed it back into the "attached" bag to carry it with no struggle (just a little patience). And after using this only one time, I'm sold ... it was a GREAT purchase.

I like the color of this product very much. With the color of the beach, it is as beautiful as the sea." 

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 By Jamison on July 18.2020


Customer review of 79*79 Sand Free Beach Blanket 

I was not too sure how Id feel about this product, but after today I am totally sold. It is the size of a Ziploc lunch bag when folded, as it comes with four plastic stakes in a carrying bag. It has practically no weight to it and I was SO impressed with how easy and how well the stakes when into the sand. After 4 hours in the sun and wind, we did not have to adjust it one time. It was so much better than laying on our towels that get wet and sandy. The material was comfortable to lay on and it even had a little pocket for our phones so they weren't just laying in the sun. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!!! 

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 By Devlin on Jun 21, 2020



First of all, it easy to carry with you if you go to the beach or go outdoor for a picnic, a good choice for you to choose a blanket.” Definitely a great blanket for the beach, picnics, anywhere. So easy to carry along, you can have your adventure blanket with you all the time! Ocoopa is the best choice among the options available.

The Ocoopa beach blanket is definitely a must-have addition to any adventure kit, festival pack, or beach bag! It would be perfect for summer concerts in the park too, the carrying pouch is small enough to fit into a backpack or picnic bag and has no metal parts.


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