About Halloween

November 01, 2021

About Halloween

There are many versions of the legend about the origin of Halloween. The most common belief is that it originated from the ancient Western European countries before the birth of Christ, mainly including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The ancient Western Europeans in these places were called Druids. The New Year of the Druids is on November 1, New Year’s Eve. The Druids make young people gather in teams, wear all kinds of weird masks, and carry carved carrot lanterns (the custom of the late pumpkin lantern series, ancient Western Europe There were no pumpkins at first), they wandered between the villages. This was actually a celebration of the autumn harvest at the time; it was also said to be a "ghost festival". It is said that the souls of those who died that year will visit the world on the eve of Halloween. It is said that people should let the ghosts who visit see a successful harvest and present the ghosts. Give a hearty hospitality. All bonfires and lights are used to scare away the ghosts, but also to illuminate the route for the ghosts and guide them to return.

In Middle Europe in the Middle Ages, there was a history of Christianity destroying pagans. However, the sacrificial celebration before New Year’s Eve has never really been eliminated, but it has appeared in the form of witchcraft. This is why we still have traces of witches' broomsticks, black cats, and spells in our Halloween.


Why do you need pumpkin lanterns for Halloween?

The story of carving pumpkins as lanterns originated in ancient Ireland. The story says that there is a man named JACK who is stingy, likes pranks, and often gets drunk. One day JACK was drunk and ran into a demon. He tricked the devil into the tree, and then carved a cross on the stump so that the devil could not get off the stump, and threatened the devil to agree to his conditions, and after some bargaining , The devil and JACK reached an agreement, and the devil promised to cast a spell so that no matter what JACK did, the law could not sanction him. After JACK died, because he was a person who had dealt with the devil and had misbehavior when he was alive, his soul could neither go to heaven nor go to hell, so his undead had to be illuminated by a small candle, and Guide him to lie between heaven and earth.

Originally in ancient Irish legends, this small candle was placed in a hollowed radish called "Jack Lanterns". It is said that soon after the Irish arrived in the United States, they discovered that pumpkins are better than radishes in terms of source and carving. It's better, and the appearance is more beautiful than the radish, and it is close to the shape of the face, so the pumpkin lantern gradually replaced the radish lantern and became the pet of Halloween. Therefore, the pumpkin lantern is also called Jack-O-Lantern (Jack-O-Lantern). It is worth mentioning that, because the pumpkin lantern is the halloween symbol, and the pumpkin is orange-red, therefore, the halloween symbol color is orange-red.


Why do you wear a mask for Halloween?

In the fifth century BC, the Celts who lived in Ireland at the time designated October 31st as the end of summer, which also symbolized the end of the year. They believed that on the eve of the transition between the old and the new, all the laws of time and space would be temporary. After a pause, the door to the spirit world will be opened this evening, allowing all ghosts to take the opportunity to wander around the world, looking for suitable substitutes everywhere, so that they can be reborn. Therefore, the Celtics were afraid of becoming the target of ghosts, so that they could extinguish the fire at home that night and pretend that no one is at home. At the same time, put on a hideous and terrifying mask, and walk around the streets together dressed as ghosts, creating a noisy atmosphere to drive away those wandering ghosts.

Gradually, these traditional customs have evolved into celebrations for today's young people. Everyone can play as ghosts and horses this evening and have a happy festival. There are adults and children involved, regardless of age, gender, class or nationality. Even if you are a coward, you can join them. Especially children, most of them wear wizard hats and small cloaks, similar to the look of the little magician in the movie "Harry Potter". They parade with adults on the street. In Western countries, on Halloween, the whole street is It's like the scene of a grand masquerade party, very lively.

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